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CCC2NAU Transition Workshop

No description

Carolyn Barton

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of CCC2NAU Transition Workshop

First Things First
Take care of any holds on your account
Why transition to NAU through CCC2NAU?

Holds on your account will prevent you from enrolling and getting started at NAU
MMR hold

Bring in your immunization records, TITER test results, or waiver letter
Advising hold
Make an appointment with your NAU
advisor after you take care of your
enrollment deposit
Enrollment deposit*
Accept your offer and pay your enrollment deposit by phone ($250)
transition workshop
You're on your way to transitioning to Northern Arizona University!
NAU's admission requirements:

Complete a 60 credit hour associate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, or
Complete an AGEC (35 hours of general education requirements) with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, or
Complete 24 transferable credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher if you are 22 or older (if not, you need a high school transcript)
If you are under age 22, and don’t yet have an AGEC or an associate degree, NAU will evaluate your admission based on your high school transcript as well

Don't miss your junior level enrollment appointment!

Submit your CCC graduation application!
Graduation applications are due October 2, 2017.

To receive your associate degree or your AGEC, be sure you have met with a CCC advisor and filled out your application through walk-in.
If you have not yet completed your associate degree, you will need to
reverse transfer
courses from NAU back to CCC to earn your associate degree
Paying for NAU
The 2NAU Scholarship
Log in to LOUIE and My NAU Portal
Learn about NAU resources:
And finally... some tips & hints:
Review NAU's tuition and fees*
Ensure your FAFSA school code is for NAU (001082) at www.fafsa.ed.gov
You will qualify if you:
Complete 45 transferable credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0
Potential award amount of $4k
Today's Takeaways
Start on these items immediately:
Make a transition appointment (be sure you ask for a "transition appointment")
Clear your MMR hold
Log-in to LOUIE and NAU Community
The Transition Workshop is designed to give you the tools and resources to successfully transfer from CCC to NAU.
My NAU Portal and LOUIE are vital for many of your student tasks at NAU. Be sure you are familiar with both before your transition to NAU.

Juniors &

Seniors, veterans, athletes,and DR
This gives you priority enrollment to secure your seat in the classes you need
We make sure you are admissible to NAU*
If you are completing your degree online through Extended Campuses, you do not need to pay the enrollment deposit or clear your MMR hold
Apply for scholarships on NAU's Financial Aid Website
You don't need to apply for this scholarship, it is automatically awarded
Submit your graduation application
Change your parent school to NAU on the FAFSA
If you decide not to attend NAU, be sure to drop your classes, or you will be automatically placed on a payment plan.
Some programs do require an additional application for admission. These programs include:
Education (Elementary and Secondary Education)
Dental Hygiene
Social Work
University Studies
You cannot enroll in classes at NAU until your advising hold is lifted. For this hold to be removed, all you need to do is meet with your NAU Advisor.
You do not have to reapply to NAU*
We will send your official transcripts to NAU
We connect you with your NAU advisor
Residence Life
Native American Student Services
University Union
Gateway Student Success Center
Cline Library
Personal and cultural support, financial aid guidance, free printing, and complementary beverages.
Student Life: Clubs and organizations
Dining hall and restaurants
Inclusion & Multicultural Services
Transfer & Commuter Connections
Information Desk
JacksCard Office
Ticket Office

The Health and Learning Center
Membership to the Health and Learning Center (HLC) is included in your tuition and fees.

- Disability Resources
- Campus Health Services
- Mental Health Counseling
- Recreation Services
Take advantage of study rooms, research resources, and library staff

Career services, resume & cover letter assistance and advising for undeclared majors, pre-med, and pre-law students.
To defer the enrollment deposit with a Pell Grant:

1. Make sure you are admitted as degree-seeking
2. Make sure your Pell Grant is awarded on LOUIE
3. E-mail Ryan.Baker@nau.edu
Learn NAU's culture.

NAU's culture is
different from CCC's

Be sure to use your NAU e-mail account and always provide your NAU ID number.
You may also want to set up your voice mail.
You are jumping from a little pond to a big pond: be proactive!
It's an online culture
Tutoring Services
Tuesday, October 31st
@ 7 am
Walk-In advising available:

April 1, 2015 from 11am to 6pm
Identify yourself as a CCC2NAU student upfront while you're transitioning
*Bring your NAU ID card for entrance to the library after 9pm
If you are a veteran, be aware that the GI Bill does not cover the enrollment deposit
Veterans Success Center
NAU Field House Building 30
Room 101
Connect with us!

Come Hang Out with us!

T&CC Lounge

Veterans Success Center
The Pledge
Our mission = your success!
Complete the Transfer Orientation in-person or online

Be sure to do
Transfer Student Orientation
online or attend an in-person transfer track in January
Walk-In advising available with your transition advisors
from 8:00am to 5:00pm on
October 31st.
Robin Long
Kristy Russell
Your tuition rate will be determined by your residency status
Apply for scholarships
Ability to benefit
Bring your official high school transcripts to your CCC2NAU Advisor
Barry Carpenter
Take a campus tour or better yet, sign up for Orientation!
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