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Growing Up

No description

Mickey Collins

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Growing Up

Bryon yearns for change of scenery, friends, and lifestyle. Meanwhile, Mark loves being a hood and living in his poor neighborhood causing trouble. This begins a gradual drift and changes their friendship forever.
Examples From the Text
This quote shows as they grew up Bryon's interests grew and became different, and Mark's stayed the same. This caused them to slowly go from brothers, to strangers living in the same house.
"I suddenly remembered that time, so long ago, when Cathy had looked at Mark and for a moment I hated him. I wondered what it felt like to experience that feeling all your life- to hate the person you loved best."
That was Then, This is Now
As you get older, your perspective on life changes.
Growing up you may begin to see things differently, while your childhood friend's view may stay the same. This causes changes in your lifestyle, opinions, and the people you surround yourself with.
Growing Up
In the younger years of their friendship, they were as close as brothers. When Mark first moved in, their friendship was as strong as ever.
As time passed they grew up together, acting as if they were inseparable. it seemed as if nothing would break their friendship.
When Bryon met Cathy, it was the spark of him changing and becoming different. But, Mark didnt want to change. As Bryon began growing up, Mark was left behind and alone.
As Bryon's priorities changed, so did his perspectives. He began to feel resentful towards Mark and believe he wasn't making any of the necessary changes to ever become an adult. This eventually ended their friendship.
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