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Eventbrite v. Ticketbud

No description

Diana Vieira

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Eventbrite v. Ticketbud

Ticket Providers for La Dolce Vita
Easy to use system with one-step integration to donor database and streamlined customer service experience.
Not Dynamic
Quirky and difficult to use system that will be time-consuming to manage on back end and may present problems both in processing and on the day of for ticket purchasers.
Highly Adaptive
Flat rate: $99
Convoluted administrative dashboard that makes tickets difficult to set up
Confusing purchasing process for customers with occasional processing errors
Mobile application difficult and time-consuming to navigate
Difficult to change and manage multiple ticket types
Poor reporting capabilities
Data not normalized
Few standard reporting options, no comprehensive reporting capabilities
Does not integrate with other well established information systems
Advanced web design needed to customize ticket selling page
Not used by clients of our scale
Living Trust Seminars
Small Concerts
Childrens Theatre
Tiered Cost: 2% of each transaction + $0.99 per ticket
$2093.76 based on last year's sales
Easy to set up for complimentary tickets, paid tickets, and ticket upgrades
Simple ticket purchase and print process for purchasers
Fully functional mobile applications for check-in
Many ticket options
Hidden tickets
Upgrades and Add ons
Sponsor and Complimentary
Complete reporting capabilities
At-a-glance numbers
Very detailed ticket purchaser information easily searchable
Integrates easily with all systems
Easy for graphic designer to add design elements to page
Used by many comparable organizations
Citizen Generation
French Legation Museum
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