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Muscular and Flexibility Milestone 1

No description

amber eversley

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Muscular and Flexibility Milestone 1

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Muscle Groups the really important ones Quadriceps which are front of the thigh
Hamstrings which are back of thigh
Calves which are back of legs
Chest which is on the front upper body part
Back Which is the back of your body
Shoulders which are on top of your arm
Triceps which are side/back of arm
Biceps which are front of the arm
Forearms which are your arms
Trapezius which is back of neck
Abs which is the stomach My Muscles ( Exposed ) This could be you ! Reduces Stress
Reduce the risk of diseases and problems in your joints/major muscles
Live a longer prosperous life
Experience adrenaline rushes and increase in good moods
Become happier and healthier and make lots of new friends. The Benefits? What you could accomplish; Happiness :) ! Muscular Flexibility !
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