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japanese imperialism

No description

Tawni Stech

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of japanese imperialism

Double click anywhere & add an idea 1931,Japan had trouble exporting goods without large amounts to offer. Japan thought the only way
to strengthen their economy was to expand. Manchurian China was an area with rich
resources and Japan wanted to take over this area,but with China in the leage of nations Japan
could not just invade. So japan bombed themselves and blamed china. 1929, Japan's economy had under gone many changes during the Meiji resteration , when the nations economy first began to industrialize by the early 1920's this rapid industrialization had begun to create problems. After world war one ended many industries experianced slow downs. As a result business men began to lay workers off. 1933
Japan withdraws from the league of nations 1934, Japan announces it will no longer summit to limits on its navy. 1936
Japan and Germany signed an agreement known as the anti-comintern pact. Japan and Germany agreed to work together to opppse the spread of communism. 1937,Nanjing Massacre was a mass killing of chinese civilians. This was one of the early battles in the second sino-japanese war. 1940
Japan attempts to expand its power in Asia by proposing in economic alliance of Asian nations. With the search of natural resources Japan looked to south east Asia
In 1940, Japans forein minister. Proposed the creation of what he called the greater east Asia co -prosperity sphere. This was to be a group of nations whose combines resources would allow independence for western control.
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