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Does Aspirin keep Cut Roses Fresher Longer?

An experiment on aspirin

montasia woodson

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Does Aspirin keep Cut Roses Fresher Longer?

Does Aspirin Keep Cut Roses Fresher Longer? Hypothesis: I think roses do not stay fresh longer with aspirin.Only because it's medicine for the human body and it cant be strong enough to keep a rose living. How To Test The Hypothesis : To begin the experiment I will use two groups , a control group and experimental group. The control group will be the cut roses in tap water without aspirin and the experimental group will be the cut roses in tap water with aspirin. i will observe both plants for 3 days, time their life, and examine the color to see if it changed or not. ( IV ) Aspirin ( DV ) The color of the rose petals. Control Group : Experimental Group Materials Needed Flower color chart to indicate if the color of the petals changed or not. Two green flower pots one filled halfway with tap water and aspirin and one filled halfway with tap water wit no aspirin . Both pots will have 1/4 amount of soil in them. They both will recieve the same amount of sunlight while sitting in the same window seal. Possible Color The petal color of the roses in the aspirin tap water will become more dull quicker and start to die faster ; while the roses in the tap water without aspirin will die fast as well but not be as dull as the other.
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