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European LEO Newsletter #1

Presenting efforts of ILO Council on 'Making LEOs United'

Emilia Fresia

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of European LEO Newsletter #1

Let's make United

Coming Soon
Down in History
European LEO Website
Social Media
'European Leo Clubs'
Meet an ILO
November 30th, 2014

Hello fellow Leo and Lion!

Here it is!

#1 Newsletter dedicated to the activities conducted by the ILOs and all European Leos.
In this edition you'll find recap of past events, such as the Leo EF and Lions EF followed by news on future events. There is information about this year's Common European Project and other ILO Council's activities. At the end of the newsletter you'll find the 'Meet an ILO' section, where members of the Council are presented (eight ILOs for the first edition) including the contact !! If there is a good feedback we hope to present you with two more newsletters during spring and summer next year.

So open your eyes and don't miss any of these!

International Liaison Officer Council 2014/2015
The LEF 2014 took place in Istanbul from August
23rd to August 30th. There have been many
newcomers and total of 22 District delegations with 202 participants. Congratulations to the ILO Council 2013/2014 for a job well done and best of luck for the new Council 2014/2015. During this week there have been many workshop, both fun ones as well as serious, country presentations, we got the chance to visit and get to know a bit more about Turkey, and finally we gave our best for the Social Activity, completing more than 100 school kits for children in need.
Leos party hard, but serve harder!
LEF 2014 in Turkey
Lions Europa Forum
On our website you'll find all kind of information about Leos:

Fresh news
from all European Districts
- from past to future ones
Leo Map
- a google map-based system where you can look up for Leo Clubs when abroad
Experience Book
- guidance tool for future projects based on experiences all around Europe
European Common Project!

Like our Facebook page and share it with your friends! Full of news and events from allover Europe, it's also a good way to Just Ask One!
In this edition of our newsletter we'll get to know 8/24 ILOs that are members of the Council. You'll have the chance to read about the service activities they take part in and you'll find their contact information that will enable you to ask them questions concerning the Leo world.
The Europa Forum has taken place from October 30th to November 2nd in Birmingham UK. Leos have taken part to this international event and got the chance to meet in person our International President Joe Preston. Except fun and joy ILO Delegation of 6 members took part in following activities:

Presenting during three workshops - Leos meet Lions/ Leos with Lions / Leos to Lions
Presenting at the stand on Forum Agora
Taking part in service activity for Fisher's House veterans rehabilitation center of Queen Elizabeth's hospital.
Leos at the EF 2014
Leo's go Wheee!!

This is it!
Here we are, this is the end of our
#1 Newsletter! How was it?
Is there something special you'd like to find in the next edition?
Would you like to contribute or ask some questions to our ILOs?
Then here it comes,
the perfect chance to do so
and express your opinion!
Contact Us!
Send all your questions or contributions
(photos, video, articles and more about Leo Activities) to this e-mail address:


Dear Leo Friends,

I am happy to invite you to not just our 5th Leo Europa Forum (LEF) in Germany but also to the 40th LEF overall.

Already at the Leo Europa PreForum (LEPF from 30.01. - 01.02.2015) you will have close experience what the Ruhrgebiet (Area oft he river Ruhr) is best known for and we want to give you several opportunities to do something which is typical German but something you would not expect to do here.

Our Motto „Look Twice“ will show you that Germany is more than ‚Lederhosen’ and Bier, and will surprise you with a whole new insight and unexpected surprises.

We created a special fun program including German Olympiad, Snow-Slide, Carneval, fun Workshops, etc..

We hope that during this LEPF you will have to ‘LOOK TWICE’ more than once and that you will go home and be even more excited about coming back for LEF in August as well as bringing back all your Leo friends.

You find all the information you need as well as the registration (until 10.01.2015) on www.lef2015.org or contact us any time at contact@lef2015.org.

We hope to see you soon in Germany.


Maria Bachmann
LEF 2015 President

Brought to you by Emilia Fresia
ILO MD108 Italy
Let's do it togheter!!
Pre LEF January 2015 program
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