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Maps and Globes-2nd Grade

No description

Margaret Musella

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Maps and Globes-2nd Grade

Maps and Globes!
We live on the planet Earth. Here comes a map of the Earth!
We live on the continent of North America! Let's sing the continent song!
We live in the country called the United States of America!
We live in the state of New York!
We live in New York City!
We live in the Bronx Borough!
Here are some ways we can use maps to navigate!
Subway Maps!
Map of a Room!
And so much more!
Different Kinds of Maps!
Theme Parks!
Road Maps!
A map is a picture of an area showing land, oceans, and physical features. A map is flat. A map is used for directions.
What are the four cardinal direction?
Compass Rose:
Tells the reader what each symbol or icon means.
Shows the four cardinal directions.
Tells the reader what a map is showing.
Can you label a compass rose?
The End!
Map Skills!
Shows the reader where on the map the features are located.
What are maps used for?
Maps are used for navigation, or to help us get where we need to go.
A globe is a small model of the earth. It is round like a ball.
Longitude and Latitude: A system of lines is used to find the location of any place on the surface of the Earth.
North Pole-Northern most point on the Earth.

South Pole-Southern Most part on the Earth.
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