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USA Conference

Presentation of the Personalized Learning Model

Rose Fry

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of USA Conference

Empowering Students
To Learn Bethany Barton Ashley Gray Destiny Cooley Madison Steenrod Ashlyn Taylor Staffing Professional
Development Technology www.remarkablelearners.com Erie High School
Personalized Learning Program Partnerships Instruction Program Introduction Increased Efficiency/Cost Effective
Increased Curricular Opportunities
Personalized Learning
Focus on 21st Century Skills Program Design Professional Culture of Trust & Responsibility
Small Schools Environment
Non-Selective Admission
Education of Board & Community
Advisory Council Local and Global Businesses
Community Members
Expert Mentors
Student Internships
Community Service Student Centered Learning Environment
Circle Ups
Student Generated Integrated Projects
Project Foundry Management System
Kansas Common Core Standards
CETE Standards
Authentic Assessments
Credit Acquisition Start-up Training
Work with Established PBL Schools
Work with Program Design Expert
Ongoing Training
Common Collaboration Time
Continued Consultation with Program Design Expert Full Time Staff Director
Student to Advisor Ratio
Dedicated Full Time Staff
Adjunct Teachers 1 to 1 Initiative
High Speed Internet Service
Open Web Access
Video Conferencing
Social Collaboration
Media Studio
Video, Audio, & Illustration Arts
Electronic Broadcasting Team (EBT) Gifted Student Preschool Internship/Facebook Expert mentor Cody Heitschmidt Expanding my Knowledge (Aerospace Course)
Expanding my Cultural Horizons
Technologically Advancing
Better Speaker
Hobbies Speech Contests
Athletics Accomplishments Failures Rejected From Gifted Program
Trouble Involving Myself In Group
Discussions Straight A Student
Placed In Many Speech Contests
Winning Athletics Team
Helping Hands
Preformed Talks What PLP Does For Me Facilities Adjacent building
Large open space (6000 square feet)
Soft-seating Area
Presentation Area
Lab Areas
Breakout Rooms
Collaboration Areas Allows Us To Advance At Our Own Speed
Bases Projects On What Interests Us
Makes Us Be Creative
Involves Us In Group Discussions
Brings Us Out Of Our Shells Passion Future Registered Nurse
& Missionary Opportunities from PLP Air Force Academy Air Force Career
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