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Sense of Place

No description

Madelyn Walsh

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Sense of Place

Sense of Place
Public Service
Hollis Garden is located in downtown Lakeland and is and example of our Flora and Fauna in Polk County.
The Lakeland Public Library, located around Lake Morton, acts as a public service. The library has records on file and is often used as a source to research. If you go into the Lakeland Public Library and mention this fantastic Prezi they will give you......

A confused face.
This monument is one of the few in America
dedicated to the Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War. This monument can be found in Munn Park, in Downtown Lakeland
The First Presbyterian Church is on Lake Hollingsworth. The Presbyterian denomination practices Christianity. The original church was located on south Tennessee Avenue and was founded in 1885. In 1978, the church moved to Lake Hollingsworth. This is a well known church not only from its services, but its Architecture.
Barnett Park is located
around Lake Morton in
If you are looking for a family friendly
environment to spend a Saturday
afternoon, Barnett Park is the place
to be!
Also around Lake Hollingsworth, the Temple Emanuel practices Judaism. This temple was established in
Our third religious building is the Vietnamese
Alliance Church in Auburndale. This is a Vietnamese congregation practicing Pentecostal Christianity.
Be aware that the use of the Round-a-Bout traffic calming device's are used throughout Polk County. Don't be confused with Abbey Road for this is on Success Avenue around Lake Mirror. So, Here Comes the Sun on slow traffic roads.
The Polk Theatre is a historic building in Lakeland. After being built in 1928, it continues to have concerts, movie screenings, recital, and many more events. Be sure to check out the events coming soon!
So as we continue on with our tour of Polk County's 'Sense of Place', we arrive to a little place we call Auburndale.
Upon your arrival, you are sure to find the beautiful canopies above the road. None other than the plush, au natural, mystic forest-like moss hanging from the trees provides the perfect shading.
This is City Hall.
It's located in Downtown Auburndale and is the towns' government office.
Just across the street is the place to be after work. We are pretty sure all of the cities' commissioners come here after a long work day.
With climbing capabilities and super sassy swings, no wonder they are on a date at the City Park.
Oh, I know it seems like Auburndale wouldn't be the copy cat type, but we have a Post Office in our town, just like everybody else.
We now take a look at our town
cemetery. With new graves and old, it is one of the easiest ways to learn about the community.
Welcome to 'Sense of Place' tour: Polk County Edition

Where you will be introduced to the many things that make our
community unique.

In order to partake in this learning experience, we instruct you to keep hands and feet around the desk at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

Chambas is a great Cuban restaurant in Auburndale. With cubans, flan, and empanadas all homemade... This place is truly delish!
This rundown shopping area is where the original Publix in Auburndale. This used to be the main shopping complex several years ago, but after Publix left, it went downhll from there.
This is the Auburndale football stadium. Named after Bruce Canova, serving 32 years as Auburndale's cuty manager, the longest in the state.
Lake Juliana is one of the many lakes in Polk County . Approximate surface area is 923 acres.
Also, our community is unique because of the orange production in Polk County.
Polk County leads in the production of oranges by 24.6 million boxes being produced in one season.
One of the easiest ways to see Polk County is to go on the public buses transit.
The Branscome Memorial Auditorium at Florida Southern College holds plays, concerts, operas, graduations, and so on ans so forth. This auditorium is used as a resource to Polk County for many events.
One of the favorite things about the commuity!!
This park is a great recreational source in the community!
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