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By: Irindeep, Sandeep, Thametha, Balpreet and Ju Eun

Sandeep Randhawa

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Blackfoot

By: Sandeep The People Roles of Women Roles of Men Men were responsible for hunting, making weapons and protecting their families. As warriors and hunters, the men often risked their lives for the good of the community. Blackfoot Population The Blackfoot Indians are original residents of the northern Plains, particularly Montana, Idaho, and Alberta, Canada. Most Blackfoot people still live in this region today. Location Climate Territories The territory of the Blackfoot Nation from the mid-1700s to the settlement period was roughly from the Battle River in the north to the upper Missouri River, and from the foothills to roughly the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. Thus, the Blackfoot hunting area included the rich buffalo ranges of southern Alberta and northern Montana Blackfoot Homes The Blackfoot relied on teepees for shelter for thousands of years. Teepees were cone-shaped dwellings made out of long tree poles.They were covered by hides, which were stiched.Each teepee had a small doorway that was covered with a hide. Wooden pegs and stones held down the base of the teepee.The entrance faced east towards the rising sun. Blackfoot, climate is mild during summer when temperatures tend to be in the 60's and very cold during winter when temperatures tend to be in the 20's. Blackfoot Clothing Blackfoot People wore these kind of shoes called moccasins on their feet. The Blackfoot were expert horseback riders, excellent buffalo hunters, and fierce warriors. They were feared by other Native American groups and were frequently at war with their neighbors, the Cree, Sioux, Crow, and other tribes. In times of war the three divisions united to defend their lands. Blackfoot women wore
long deerskin dresses. Men wore buckskin tunics and
breechcloths with leggings. Blackfoot Children Everyone helped raise the children. Blackfoot children did not attend school. Each day, children learned valuable lessons and skills from their family members. Girls watched and helped their mothers. Boys were given small bows and arrows to practice their hunting skills. Blackfoot Food The Blackfoot tribe of America ate deer and buffalo for meat. In addition, they also ate vegetables and cereals. However, buffalo was their staple food eaten at almost every meal. Uses of Buffalo by the Blackfoot People They used the buffalo to make tipis
They killed it to make their food, sometimes they roasted it over the hot fire
They used the horns to make cups
Sometimes they would use the horns to make spoons
They used the bones for utensils
In winter, they used the buffalo's hide to make warm coats.
Using the animals (buffalo's) meat, the Blackfoot along with lots of other First Nations, used dried meat, Animal fat and blue berries or black berries to make pemmican which they used to flavor foods. The Blackfoot believe spirits to be an active and vital of everyday life. Therefore, they viewed illness as the visible presence of an evil spirit in a person's body. Consequently, such illness required the expertise of a professional medicine man or woman who had acquired, through a vision, the ability to heal the sick by removing evil spirits. In their visions a supernatural power instructed the medicine people, who then called upon this power to assist them during healing ceremonies Health Issues Language The Blackfoot people Algonquian dialect is related to the languages of several Plains, Eastern Woodlands, and Great Lake region tribes. Ewers stated that by migrating west, the Blackfoot encountered Athapascan-, Shoshonean-, and Siouan-speaking tribes, which distinguished their particular dialect, along with isolation from other Algonquian-speaking tribes. Transportation When Blackfoot people traveled by river, they built rafts. But, they used dogs pulling travois (a kind of drag sled). Once horses were introduced to the Blackfoot, they quickly adapted to them and traveled mainly on horses after. Blackfoot women were in charge of the home. Besides cooking and cleaning, a Blackfoot woman built her family's house and dragged the heavy posts with her whenever the tribe moved. Houses belonged to the women in the Blackfoot tribe. The Blackfoot Indians Interesting Facts The Blackfoot used skins
to scare up on the buffalo Tools and Weapons Blackfoot hunters and warriors fired arrows from powerful long bows or fought with clubs and hide shields. Traditionally most warriors were men, but some Plains Indian women, especially widows, would ride to war with the men. The Blackfoot woman demonstrating a war bow in World War II veteran. Their population varied over this period, ranging as high as 11 200 in 1823 and as low as 6 350 after the 1837 smallpox epidemic. By 1996, their population had risen to more than 25 000, almost equally divided between INDIAN RESERVES in Alberta (almost 16 000) and Montana. A tepee is constructed from wooden poles and animal skins such as buffalo hides and designed to be quickly set and quickly dismantled - a village could be ready to move in an hour Men wore their hair in three braids with a topknot Women wore their hair in two, thick braids They hunted for food, but we don't
We use shops and advanced machines
We use lots of resources which we may or may not need but they ONLY took what they NEEDED.
They believed the great spirit had given them a responsibility to take care of the land but we think that it was made scientifically. The Differences Between 2013 People (Us now) and the Blackfoot People: Blackfoot Welcome! Today you will be learning about the native Blackfoot people. Some of the things you all will learn about are their climate, food, clothing, transportation, & much more so sit back, relax and enjoy! Thanks for spending time to learn about the great Blackfoot people. We hope you enjoyed and had fun learning! Arts and Crafts Blackfoot artists are known for their fine quill embroidery and bead work. Here are some photo galleries of Blackfeet art and artifacts for you to look at. Blackfoot Lifestyle Blackfoot People were legendary buffalo hunters and lived a mostly busy life, following the herds, hunting, and fishing. Blackfoot Religious Beliefs The Blackfoot people believed in Sun Power which is believing in sacred spirits all things represented symbolically by the sun,this is the center of Blackfoot mythology, the supernatural world is dominated my the sun. Feel free to ask us!! Dances Buffalo Dance The object of the sun dance is to offer personal sacrifice as a prayer for the benefit of one's family and community. They also believed that the sun was sacred and they believed in the sun. During these ceremonies some people get their bodies pierced Sun Dance Music In The Blackfoot people not only listened to music but played it too. At ceremonies, people played the drums and sang songs to call out for help from the sun or other. They did not like being called Indians HOPE U ENJOYED!! The Buffalo Dance celebrates the buffalo that have come back after winter and men dress up in buffalo or other animal hides and dance while other sing and play instruments. There is a legend behind this dance.
( I will tell you it ) Most of what they sang was not actual words but actually sang in a difficult vocal style. The songs described the Blackfoot's lifestyle and their feelings but most of the songs were about war. Blackfoot or Blackfeet? Blackfoot refers to the dark moccasins the people wore. Some Blackfoot people do not like it when people call them Blackfeet because it isn't right but most of them except both. Blackfoot is commonly used in Canada while Blackfeet is mostly used in the United States. What did Blackfoot children do? The Blackfoot children helped around the home, and obviously played games. They did not have video games back then so all they did was play outside. Unlike the children these days, the Blackfoot children had more work to do than playing time. But,when they had their time to play, they would go fishing, hunting or even play games like the hoop game. Irindeep Thametha Balpreet Ju Eun (Fahrenheit) Blackfoot Culture And History S BlackFoot Language The Blackfoot language is important to the Blackfoot. It helps them understand their relationship with the rest of Creation and reinforces their values and beliefs.The Blackfoot almost lost their language when the government forced their children to go to residential schools. Today they are teaching their children Blackfoot in their own schools. The Blackfoot are trying to make their language strong again. The Blackfoot Indians are very spiritual and believe strongly in supernatural powers. They believe that everything has a spirit, whether alive or inanimate and can be good or evil.

The Blackfoots most important spiritual ceremony is the Sun Dance. It's a yearly event that takes place during the summer. A few Facts about The Blackfoot Indians To Start The Blackfoot Flag
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