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4.03 Julius Caesar Act II

No description

Taya Engle

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of 4.03 Julius Caesar Act II

Thanks for Watching!
By: Tayannah Engle
4.03 Julius Caesar Act II
1) Name of Character.
2) Notes about the Character.
3) Important Quote from Character.
4) Evidence of Loyalty and to whom they're loyal to.
Julius Caesar Act II Graphic Organizer
1) Brutus
2) Considers killing Caesar; then decides that it is best after he reads the fake letters.
3) "Evil can come from good, just as poisonous snakes tend to come out into the open on bright sunny days—which means we have to walk carefully."
4) "The only way is to kill Caesar." Brutus does not support Caesar.

1) Lucius
2) Works for Brutus. Confirms tomorrow is Ides of March and introduces the conspirators.
3) "Sir, fifteen days of March have gone by."
4) "I will, my lord." Shows his loyalty to Brutus.
What does it mean about Cassius’s plan that he has to mislead Brutus to make it happen?
That Cassius's plan is not necessarily as 'for the best' as he says it is.
What does it mean about Brutus that he so readily believes what Cassius says?
This shows Brutus is gullible.
What does it mean about Antony that Brutus refuses to kill him?
That shows Brutus must still trust him.
Julius Caesar Act I Graphic Organizer
1) Flavius
2) Annoyed with the crowd because they are too fickle.
3) "Get out of here! Go home, you lazy men. What, is today a holiday? Don’t you know that working men aren’t supposed to walk around on a workday without wearing their work clothes?"
4) "Make sure that none of the statues are decorated in tribute to Caesar." Flavius does not follow Caesar.

1) Marullus
2) Annoyed with the crowd because they are too fickle.
3)"Why would you celebrate it? What victory does he bring home? What foreign lands has he conquered and captive foreigners chained to his chariot wheels?"
4) The same quote as above. Marullus is opposed to Caesar.
1) Brutus
2) Is torn between emotions.
3) "If it’s for the good of all Romans, I’d do it even if it meant my death. Let the gods give me good luck only as long as I love honor more than I fear death."
4) "I don’t, Cassius, though I love Caesar very much." Brutus does not want Caesar to be king, but wants to be loyal to his friend.

1) Cassius
2) Tries to persuade Brutus to turn against Caesar.
3) "I’m glad that my weak words have provoked even this small show of protest from you."
4) Opposes Caesar in every way.
1) Caesar
2) Disregards his wife's warnings.
3) "But I will go out, for these bad omens apply to the world in general as much as they do to me."
4) Is on his own side.

1) Calpurnia
2) Has fears with whats to come.
3) "Caesar, I never believed in omens, but now they frighten me."
4) Always supports Caesar, but has her own doubts.
1)Decius Brutus
2) A conspirator.
3) "Don’t worry about that. If he’s reluctant, I can convince him."
4) Follows Cassius in the death of Caesar.

1) Cinna
2) Conspires against Caesar.
3) "These gray lines that lace the clouds are the beginnings of the dawn."
4) Follows Cassius.
1) Commoners
2) They were celebrating Caesar and his civil war victory.
3) "We took the day off to see Caesar, sir, and celebrate his triumph."
4) The same quote as above, they are celebrating his triumph and support him.

1) Caesar
2) Caesar is celebrating his win.
3) "Antonius, after you take off, don’t forget to touch Calphurnia, because our wise elders say that if you touch an infertile woman during this holy race, she’ll be freed from the curse of sterility."
4) Caesar believes in himself.
1) Casca
2) Unamused by the events.
3) ". It was all silly and so I paid no attention. "
4) "As for myself, I didn’t dare laugh, for fear of opening my lips and inhaling the stinking air." Casca is opposed to Caesar.

1) Calpurnia
2) In this act Calpurnia is preparing fr the Holy run.
3) "I’m here, my lord."
4) The same line as above shows her loyalty to Caesar, as that's whom she said that to.
1) Antony
2) Antony reassures Caesar not to fear Cassius.
3) "Don’t be afraid of him, Caesar. He isn’t dangerous. He’s a noble Roman with a good disposition."
4) Antony is Caesar's best friend and seems to be his biggest supporter.

1) Soothsayer
2) Carries a warning for Caesar.
3) "Beware of March 15th."
4) It is unclear whom the soothayer supports.
1) Cicero
2) Cicero is trying to put Casca's mind at ease.
3) "But men tend to interpret things however suits them and totally miss the actual meaning of the things themselves."
4) Cicero seems to support Caesar.

1) Cinna
2) Cinna does Cassius's bidding for him.
3) "Oh, Cassius, if you could only convince Brutus to join us—"
4) Same quote as above. Cinna does not support Caesar but, Cassius.
1) Cassius
2) Cassius and his followers conspire against Caesar.
3) "Remember what you’ve said and prove yourselves true Romans."
4) "To prevent this, Mark Antony should die along with Caesar." Cassius wants Caesar dead.

1) Casca
2) One of Cassius's followers.
3) "Here, where I point my sword, the sun rises."
4) Casca supports Caesar's death.
1) Metellus Cimber
2) Works for and with Cassius.
3) "They’ll assume that Cicero, with his sound judgment, ordered the actions."
4) Follows Cassius, and supports the death of Caesar.

1) Trebonius
2) Helps the conspirators.
3) "There’s nothing to fear in him. Let’s not kill him. He’ll live and laugh at this afterward."
4) Wants Caesar dead, but not Antony.
1) Portia
2) Brutus's Wife.
3) "And on my knees, I urge you, by my once-praised beauty, by all your vows of love and that great vow of marriage which made the two of us one person, that you should reveal to me, who is one half of yourself, why you’re troubled and what men have visited you tonight"
4) I am not sure who she supports.

1) Ligarius
2) Was wronged by Caesar in the past.
3) No lines.
4) "You’ve wronged Caius Ligarius." Chances are he wants Caesar dead too.
1) Publius
2) Publius was sent to fetch Caesar.
3) "Good morning, Caesar."
4) I believe he is a Caesar supporter.

1) Mark Antony
2) Antony is showing his support for Caesar.
3) "And to you, most noble Caesar."
4) The line above shows his support of Caesar.
1) Artemidorus
2) Warns Caesar.
3) "These men all have one intention, and it’s directed against Caesar."
4) Seems to be a friend, and supporter of Caesar.

1) Soothsayer
2) Tries to warn them of the conspirators.
3) "Nothing that I know for sure, but a lot that I’m afraid might happen."
4) I believe he is a Caesar supporter.
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