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Napoleon Propaganda

propaganda Napoleon used while emperor of France.

Gabriella Valentin

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Propaganda

Naploeon's rule over propaganda A) "France has more need of me then I have need of France."
(Example of card stacking)
Telling and attempting to convince the people of France that they NEED Napoleon in oreder to go on. He only expresses himself as crucial person to keep to further convince the people he is in control. B) (Example of Plain Folk)
In this painting, the point that is suppose to expressed is Napoleon's "care" for the common poeple. He visits the sick out his own free will to show the plain folk his "compassion" for the common pople. He's trying to appeare equal. C) (Example of Glittering Generalities)
The pianting displays Napoleon's looks as an emperor and sophisticated appereance as a Leader. A look like this can fool many with the positive vibes it gives off.
D. "My business is to succeed, and I'm good at it. I create my Iliad by my actions, day by day."
(Example of transfer)
He's only giving positive opinions of himself . Making himself seem all worthy and convincing to his people. E) "I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos. I rewarded merit regardless of birth or wealth, wherever I found it. I abolished feudalism and restored equality to all regardless of religion and before the law. I fought the decrepit monarchies of the Old Regime because the alternative was the destruction of all this. I purified the Revolution."
(Exapmle of Assertion)
Napoleon states this with confidence, or so it sounds from the way its said. Everything is positive for him and positive for France. He sugar coats his words so the poeple may except them without question.

1. perspective-coming straight from the person
2. Describes behavior in the quote.
3.Tells of the actions from the elite himself.
4.Questions that can be answered would be questions about Napoleon's so called confidence and arrogance.
5.Questions that can't be answered is pretty much everything else about Napoleon.
6. I'm not quite sure it would do so well in a debate. This is really just a quote of opinion.
1. Desrcriptive.
2. Behavior, it diplays what Napoleon is doing in the painting.
3.Action of the elite painted by someone else, if that makes sense.
4.Questiones that can be anwered is if Napoleon really did show care for his people
5.Questions that can't be answered could be, what his intention were for this kind gesture, how did the people think of him.
6. I quess it would do alright in a debate showing the "good" in Napoleon and his "compassion". C)
1. Another despriptive like source, hence it's also a painting.
2. I believe this would be another behavior piece even though he's just sitting there.
3. Again, action of the elite portrayed by another person in their art.
4. Questions that can be answered can be for one what Napoleon looked like or is portrayed to look like, possibly how he liked to dress when wanting to look like that high and mighty emperor of France.
5. Questions that wouldn't be answered might be something like, did he always dress his way, where did he gt the clothes, why he chose to wear them (even though that might be aswered easily but there are some people that would ask.)
6.Another source that probably wouldd't so exceptionally well in a debate depending on what exactly the debate is aout. D)
1. Perscreptive.
2. Describes he behavior of Napoleon in his words and thoughts.
3.Actions straight from the elite's mouth.
4. Questions that can be answered, questions about Napoloen's belief in himelf and assured, poised attitude.
5 Questions that can't be answered, was he ever at all not self-indulgent (can't be answered with just this quote), what is his Iliad.
6. Quotes are ok in debates though I wouldn't be quite sure what point someone would be trying to make using this quote. E)
1. Perscreptive
2. This is a quote defenitly full of behavior with a small hint of ideology.
3. Descibes the action of the elite directly from the elite and all he did.
4. Questions that can be answered could be like how hard of a woking man was Napoleon, where his mind was in some things he wanted to accomplish, what he succeded in.
5. Question that can't be answered migh be, how he accomplished all of these things, who helped him in the long run, how long did it take him to complete these tasks?
6. Out of all the quotes listed on this page this quote would most likey deem best for a debate. It says alot more on the accomplishements of Napoloen but all in all it stll depends on what the debate is about in order for it to make such a stand out. Gabriella Valentin
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