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No description

Lina Norvaisaite

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Advertising

Single professionals, young couples with middle income
Eat out, order fast food or cook ready prepared meals bought from local supermarkets
Leisure activities involve gym, cinema, pubs and clubs
Search internet for information about products and services
Concerned about budget and managing debts

Current Market
Strengths and weaknesses
Leader in discount grocery market sector

Business model allows to keep the prices low

Image of poor in-store experience

High level of customer loyalty due to low prices but low level of customer satisfaction

Bad customer feedback referring to experiences with a check out processes could damage their motivation to return

What does consumer want?
Key factors for supermarket preferences:
1.Freshness of produce

Ethical, fair-trade and local consumption becoming increasingly important

Aldi to adopt a fresh image for long term success
Grocery market known for value for money

Competitive advantage- good quality and low prices due to a simplistic business approach

Main competitor- Lidl –similar background and the same target market

Market share of 2.9% in 2012 (Tesco 25.8% and Sainsbury’s 14.8%)


Previous TV Advertising campaigns focus on value for money and comparison to well known brands

TV, newspapers, in store leaflets and posters

‘Like Aldi, like brands, only cheaper’

Amanda Turner
Lina Norvaisaite
Rajvir Mangat
Customer perceptions of Aldi
Aldi: ‘rather messy’ , ‘high number of staff,
all very busy and not around to help’

Lidl : ‘clean and tidy’ , ‘nice and calm’

Customer perceptions: Aldi vs Lidl
An expert in customer service Mary Portas about Aldi:
-‘Staff useless’
- ‘I have been unable to find everything I need’
-‘Disgusting customer service’

Recommendations- Repositioning
New brand identity with a modern feel to attract new customers and create an inspiring shopping experience

Emphasise on extraordinary customer service to engage emotionally with existing shoppers and add value and impact at the point of purchase

Encourage customer loyalty by creating relationships and emotional engagement through advertising

1. To create a personality for Aldi by introducing new logo, design and brand icon - existing shoppers

Aldi logo: blue shows metabolism and is appetite suppressant

Orange stimulates appetite and the mind

Green is associated with food and healthy living

2. To position Aldi
as localmarket
perfect for fresh bakery
and fresh fair trade
produce- local community

3. Enhance the image of quality and position Aldi as low price and high quality brand- new customers

Target Market
Existing shoppers- creating loyalty through customer service
New customers-
focusing on the quality

Core message, brand values, tone of voice
Target audience
Local community- emphasising the fresh idea
Target audience

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Accessed on 21st October 2013]

Media Strategy
Core message, brand values,tone of voice
Core message, brand values, tone of voice
Which one would you go for?
It's delicious!

Striving to do the best for their customers
Friendly, approachable, down to earth
New home makers

Shopping bag letters in a 5 mile radius
Small Ad boards promoting new Aldi

Local Newspapers: So, next doors has a new conservatory...
E.g express and star - ABC1, 341,708 readership, 45 - 65+

Creates a small buzz in the surrounding area.

Spread word amongst friends

Suburban Families

Where do your neighbors shop?
- Promotes fresh
- community
- Quality
- Local

ITV1: 12pm-1pm and 5pm-8pm Drama, entertainment, sports, feel- good movies, current affairs and factual programmes Reaches 89% of housewives

C4: 12pm – 1pm and 4pm – 9pm

Social Media
To change the low quality perception by young professionals
To be exciting, daring, and spontaneous
Award Winning
Where do your neighbours shop? Neighbour comparison
Sarcastic, Cheeky, funny,
Media Strategy
Retail parks, lesuire centres, busy motorways in large cities
Started from the web
Breakfast from Aldi
Romance, yet busy people, may not get much time to cook
To place in national news papers and magazines also
WomanTarget Market: Busy mums and housewives, aged between 25 and 54
TV times: Target Market: Women aged 25-54, read by the entire family

The Sun: 5,878,000, women purchase, men read it
The independant: 443,000, 35+
Newspapers: Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times

ITV 1&2 – emmerdale, corrie, 6pm news, im a celeb, the cube, dancing on ice, dowton abbey, celeb juice, xfactor, xtrafactor, TOWIE, hells kitchen.

C4 – same as community, also dispatches, c4 news, homeland, network premieres at 6pm and 9pm
e4 - scrubs, 90210, how I met your mother

Sky 1 – modern family, simpsons, futurama, an idiot abroad

Friends and a movie
Friends, Food, Movie in a new home
"Aldi... not quite what you expected"
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
The Hobbit: 2
Anchorman: The legend continues
"Aldi, as Fresh as your neibours shopping"
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