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The Awesomest Venn Diagram EVER!!!

No description

Emmy Todd

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of The Awesomest Venn Diagram EVER!!!

The Missouri Compromise
they were a debate over making states free or not
debate between North and South
Helped stop and bring the civil war
Started when states were created
helped north and south
Kansas Nebraska Act
Compromise of 1850
compromise that said Missouri would be a slave state
said Maine would be a free state
created in 1820
territory north of 36-30 parallel of former Louisiana territory would be free
Made a compromise between North and South
was made so that there would be an equal number of free and slave states
was repealed by the Kansas Nebraska act in 1854
started when Missouri wanted to be admitted in the U.S in 1819
North argument: congress had the power to prohibit slavery in a new state
South argument: new states had the same freedom of action as the original thirteen and could chose whether or not to be free
was a compromise that said California would enter the U.S as a free state
said the territories of New Mexico and Utah would have their population decide
also outlawed slave trade in the district of Columbia
enacted a stricter fugitive slave law
north and south didn't like it very much
started when California wanted to become a free state which would make more free states than slave states
The compromise was 5 bills passed in September 1850
Stated that slave trade was banned in Washington D.C
Created in1854
a bill that divided the land west of Missouri into 2 territories
Kansas an Nebraska were the 2 territories
whether or not the states would be free would be determined by popular sovereignty
antislavery supporters were outraged because the Missouri compromise slavery should e outlawed in both states
Pro-slavery and Anti-slavery settlers rushed to the states to change them in their favor
the conflict turned violent
The Republicain Party was created;it opposed slavery
helped move the civil war closer
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