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High Tech Engineering

No description

Maria Stanisor

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of High Tech Engineering

"Failed Vision"
Unclear goals and blurred vision

Diluted leadership

Instability and uncertainty among employees

Top-down decision making leading to limited participation from lower and middle management
Presentation Overview
Introduction - High Tech Engineering

Current issues in HTE - "Failed vision"


Individual Contribution page
Company Overview
High Tech Engineering (HTE) - aircraft components manufacturing company

Harold Barelli - new president

New company vision

Major reorganizations took place

Radical reformation of the internal structure
Harold Barelli
Influence employees by 'Charisma'
Align personal behavior with the company's core values and ethics
Motivate people - Reward System
Consideration for employees
'Change agent' culture - design and implement vision
Two-way dialogue with employees to achieve goals
Strategic Investment in Business Leadership Development (BLD)

BLD aligns and supports 3 corporate objectives:
- Top-line growth
- Enhance competitiveness
- Organizational excellence

Identify Leadership pool
Recommendations (cont)

Intrinsic motivation & follower development.

Communication --- Interpersonal & Organizational goals.

Effective Leadership style - 'Emergent'

with a good track record in the aerospace engineering industry (Antonakis, 2012).
High Tech Engineering
Power and Influence

Consultant's Contribution
Maria Stanisor - 000672637 - Current issues in HTE - "Failed vision" & slides
Mario Mihaylov - 000660841 - Presentation Overview & Introduction & Slides

Recommendations for HTE board of directors

Low morale


Power and influence - result of personal preferences
"Failed Vision"
Farhat Naweed -000792610 - Research on Recommendations & slides
Nikhil Karshandas- 000798318 - Recommendations for Harold Barelli & slides.
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