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US Trends in Gifted Education

Assignment 1.1

Olivia Morris

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of US Trends in Gifted Education

U.S. Trends in Gifted Education Olivia Morris Information about fixed intelligence was made available to the United States. It stressed the importance the importance on stimulating the child in its early years 1960's Bloom helped push
more learning in the preschool years and helped describe the process of learning 1964 1983 Howard Gardner
came up with the
theory of multiple intelligences Robert Sternberg made
a theory for a triarchic
concept of intelligence that
includes meta, performance,
and knowledge
acquisition process. 1984 1995 Evidence began showing that intelligence in multidimensional and it is affected by interaction and environment Neuro-scientists expanded
the understanding of
intelligence beyond behavioral aspects to a new understanding
of intelligence as it
develops in the brain 2000 Hawkins discovers new framework of knowledge and brain function based intelligence 2004 New ideas about
intelligence and brain development, and many
new books are written
about child
intelligence 2010 The National Defense Education Act
was put into place for gifted students, especially in the ares of math, science, and language 1958 The Gifted and Talented Children's Education Act
was put in place for separate teaching programs for these students who were gifted 1978 The Gifted and Talented Act was repealed by President Raegan, and funds towards gifted went down 1981 Federal Office for Gifted and Talented was put back in place, along with funds towards Gifted education 1988 Javits Act is put into
place, increasing funding
for special education,
including Gifted and
Talented Education 1994 The End
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