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Guided Meetings

the intersection of facilitation, graphic recording, and technology

Susan Stewart

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Guided Meetings

Certification Pending The intended outcomes of the meeting drive the focus of the facilitation.

The facilitator is an expert in methods of group facilitation and participation, not an arbiter or content expert.

The facilitator surfaces the knowledge and innovative ideas resident in the group. Planning for a longer term (3-5 years).

Uses focused conversation, consensus-building, and action planning strategies combined with additional techniques to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan.

Identification of likely barriers to implementation allows the team to pro-actively address challenges that inevitably arise during implementation of the plan.
  Step-by-step method ensures that the best ideas are brought forth to address a specific goal.

Harnesses the power of the focused conversation and consensus-building techniques to develop actionable plans. The focused conversation method is the foundation of all of the ToP group facilitation methods.

Everyone has input and provides their perspective on the topic of focus.

Conversations are intentional and lead to purposeful action.

Four Steps:
1. Looking at the data
2. Identifying connections
3. Considering implications
4. Deciding on actions to take A visual process that initially allows ideas to flow freely, then combines the ideas with intention to create shared agreement.

Designed to elicit the best thinking of the group.

Utilizes the focused conversation method. Consensus-Building Action-Planning Focused Conversation Strategic Planning Facilitated Meetings Susan Stewart of Guided Meetings is in the process of becoming a Certified ToP Facilitator.
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