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Begin the contractor 2

Construction with mutha construction

neha sinha

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Begin the contractor 2

Warm Greetings to You We Are Purpose of this Presentation is to showcase the hurdles and concerns faced on construction sites and our ways to mitigate them We ensure that the hurdles and concerns are mitigated in an organized way Engineers and Supervisors Labors Machines We believe you value the customers and want to deliver them the BEST Our Perspective about Site Management Lets take a look from customer's point of view When customer visits the site on first day After few years customer visits the same site Lets first take a look at customer problems Has no idea of the authority he should
co-ordinate with No satisfaction with the work progress on site ABOUT US We are a part of the construction industry since many years Better understanding of the needs and concerns and providing best solutions to you which makes us one the best competing players in the market Promising suppliers who ensure good quality timely delivery of raw materials Construction sites comprise of Materials Likewise problems are also faced by the builders Problems faced by the builders Untimely delivery of raw materials Loss of materials After including our site management When the customer first visits your site Customer is quite happy and satisfied After few years customer visit the same site How do we actually work on field Ensuring and delivering high quality work Highly skilled workers Ensuring less damage Timely scheduled meetings with you Maintaining a hierarchy and proper
reporting structure Specialized and qualified civil engineers with years of experience Trained and well mannered staff Fixed vendor who provide high quality products at right price Monthly work projections Prior notifications for on site material requirements We understand you are busy,hence timely reminders will be sent to you How do we report to you? Control measures No duplicate challans No forged bills The vendor quotation and bill rates will be the same All the payments will be tracked Every step requires an approval from authority Builder plus Fast, easy and powerful Automated and Centralized Generate reports in just a click Solves all the complex problems Easy to learn and use Notifies every action We care for our staff Monthly training sessions for the staff Organized working We will make site management a smooth walk for you Safety measures are taken
on the site Helmets Shoes Signage Tapes Lights Uniforms Earmuffs Timely delivery and quality work not only helps you build customer dreams but you also gain their trust He will experience a sense of satisfaction after seeing the work progress Why do we think Site Management is important ? Lack of experienced engineers Insufficient and unskilled labors Lets take a look at the most important feature of Mutha Construction Solution providers with ample amount of knowledge and Skills to mitigate the issues faced by the Builders and Developers Masks Gloves Eye Gears Any Questions
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