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No description

nadia sumbu

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of piano

Learning to play.
Reason for Learning
What I Learned
History of Piano

* To gain a skill and maybe discover a hidden talent. I was convinced by my mentor to try the piano.
* Also thought it would be easy.
I learned basic piano skills like playing a chord, reading music and the ‘’c’’ scale.
A cored is when you play more than one key at one time.
Reading music was like learning another language.
The ‘’c’’ scale is all white keys and the simplest key to play.
* A piano is a percussion instrument that operates with a keyboard. This cases hammers to strike strings inside the instrument, which makes sounds of different pitches.
* The piano was invented in Florence Italy around 1700’s, by Bartolomeo Cristofori.
* The piano is an international instrument that can play songs from many different countries.
I have a lot of practices to do, two mounts were not enough as the video will show. Pleases judge easily.
* http://melodymusicschool.org *http://www.key-notes.com
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