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Adam's Family

No description

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Adam's Family

Carbon P:6

Sodium P:11
Calculating Pen
Thanks For Watching
Adam's Family
Valence Electrons
Valence Electrons are the Electrons on the outermost Orbital.Valence electrons give the element its chemical bonds and its properties.You can determined the numbers of valence electron by subtracting the Atomic # by the atomic mass.
The Periodic Table
The periodic table is a chart that shows all the known elements on Earth.The periodic table has exactly 111 known elements on it.
Neutrons are the neutral (meaning no charge) Parts of an atom found in the nucleus,with a mass of 0.000543862349.
Kody Province, Evan Schroeder, Wills Webb
Periods and Groups
Periods:Periods are the labels on the Periodic table going horizontally.
Groups:Groups are the Labels on the Periodic table That go vertically.
Protons are the positively charged parts of an atom found in the nucleus.A proton has a mass of 0.99862349.
a particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and it acts as the carrier for electricity in solids
Pen Examples
You can Calculate "PEN" by getting the number of protons electrons and neutrons.

Neutrons,You calculate Neutrons by subtracting the rounded atomic mass by the atomic#.
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