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The Secret Tree book report

No description

Jocelyn Nguyen

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Secret Tree book report

The Secret Tree By: Natalie Standiford Minty starts to go to Raymond's house a lot more and she tells him about the tree and the notes and he knows all about them so they keep finding these notes and they later go around the neighborhood spying, trying to find out which secret are for which neighbor. All of these weird things start to happen to Paz.Things such as, headaches, rashes, and itchiness. Minty's father, being a doctor was certainly a good help. They have no idea what it is so they assume its a creature named Man Bat. Then Paz gets a stomach ache. They later go trick or treating and decide to go through the woods close by their neighborhood. In those woods, there is a house where they say a lady lives. They call her the Witch Lady. On Paz's Halloween costume, she borrowed Lennie's favorite stuffed animal, Marcella. When they get to the Which Lady's house, the neighborhood bullies, Troy and David sneak along on their bikes. There, they decide to egg the Witch Lady's house and then run off. When the witch lady opens her door, the only one standing at her door step was Paz. She then takes Marcella and slams the door shut. A couple days later, Paz and Minty go to the roller rink to practice their routine. They both keep their ID's in their shoes for protection. Later, after they are done practicing they go back to their shoes, Paz's ID is gone. Minty's is still there. All these weird things start happening and no one knows who's causing it. A couple days later, Minty goes into her garage and find's a boy digging through an old box with some of her old school photos. She chases him off through the woods to find out that he lives in an empty model home. She knocks on the door and lets him know that she wont hurt him. He lets her in and introduces himself. His name is Raymond. She then looks around and sees a book on the table titled "Book of friends". She opens it and sees pictures of people from her neighborhood. That flash in the woods, was him taking pictures of people around the neighborhood. Under the pictures, were notes just like the one that she found. After they find all of these secrets, they find this really interesting one that says "I am putting a curse on someone and its working." They then go around and spy some more. Specifically looking for signs of voodoo. Minty later finds Lennie in the basement with a voodoo doll and a book. The voodoo doll had a picture of Paz on it. She then accidentally catches Lennie's attention. Then she runs outside. Minty confronts her about the voodoo and asks her why. Lennie explains to her that ever since the Witch Lady took Marcella Paz hasn't cared to try and get her back. Because of that, she put a curse on her, and until she gets Marcella back, shes not taking the curse off. Later Minty asks her dad about Man Bat
to get more information on the notes. He tells her about a man named crazy Ike and how he turned into man bat and lives in a tree with a hole in it and people put their
secrets in it and he eats them and whispers them into the wind so that the secrets will go away. Minty runs into Paz a little later and explains to her that Lennie put a curse and that was why all of these bad things have been happening to her. One morning, Minty saw flashing lights through the woods, so of course she went to go see what it was. It was police cars. She didn't know what was going on and she didn't want anything to happen to Raymond. She asked the cops what was going on and they couldn't say. She later asked Otis and found out that Raymond was a runaway. He ran away from his foster home and back to his mom (the Which Lady). He was taken away from her because she was very ill and could not take care of him. It was very upsetting for Minty to watch. In the end, through all of the chaos and mystery, Raymond found a new home in Minty's neighborhood. Everyone became friends and they had a big party to celebrate. When the book first starts off,3 friends, Paz, Lennie and Minty are practicing a roller derby for an upcoming parade. Then suddenly they see a flash in the woods. One day, Minty sees another flash in the woods. She runs through the woods and suddenly hears a slight whisper in the wind. She comes across an interesting tree with a big hole in it and reaches inside to find a note. Taking The Curse Off Minty then goes back to Raymonds house and finds Marcella. She asks him where he got her from and he says that his mother gave it to him. Indicating that the Which Lady is his mother. That is my summary of the Secret Tree Character List Minty Mortimer Minty Mortimer, Paz's best friend.She roller derby's. She and Paz have a routine that they plan to do in an upcoming parade. Minty also has a very close friend named Raymond. Minty is about to be a sixth grader and is very nervous about middle school. Minty also had an older sister named Thea. Minty had a bad habit of touching Thea's things. Paz Calderon Paz Calderon, is Minty's bestfriend. Paz has a younger sister named Lennie. In the story, Paz gets cursed by her younger sister Lennie. Paz has a maid who knows a lot of healing rituals. Paz also knows Chinese. Paz has an older sister named Melina. Paz and Minty both like roller derby. Paz is also going to the sixth grade. Throughout the story Paz makes some other friends, Katie, Isabell, and Lydia. Thea Mortimer Thea Mortimer and Melina Calderon
are best friends. Thea is also Minty's older sister.They like to talk to
each other about how annoying
their sisters are. Thea Mortimer also
has a babysitting job and secretly
goes through their parents' stuff after
the children fall asleep. She also has a secret crush on Melinas crush, Kip Murphy. Melina Calderon Melina Calderon and Thea Mortimer are best friends. Melina is also an older sister to Lennie and Paz. Melina's hobby is playing the guitar. She also writes her own songs. She and Thea like to tell each other about how annoying their sisters are. Melina has a secret crush on Kip Murphy and later goes out with Martin after finding out about Kip and Thea. Raymond Raymond, lives in a model home. He is
a runaway from a foster home and is
the child of the Witch Lady. He collects
peoples secrets and puts them in a book
that he will later feed to Crazy Ike. Lennie Calderon Lennie put a curse on her older sister Paz for loosing Marcella. The Mean Boys: David David is not very smart and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He also has 2 sister who always pick on him about being stupid. Troy Troy lives with his father. His mother left. Troy doesn't want his father to loose weight so he wont date anyone. Other Characters Isabelle Best friends with Katie and Lydia
and has an older brother named
Martin. Katie Best friends with Katie and
Isabelle and only has one other
friend, her goldfish. Lydia Best friends with Isabelle and Katie. Martin Isabelle'sBrother and
Melina's boyfriend. Female Adults Mrs. Mortimer Minty and Thea's Mom. Wendy Single neighbor owner of Pheoby.
(her cat.) Mrs. Calderon Mother to Lennie, Paz, and Melina. Male Adults Troy's Dad Single parent to troy. Has an affair with Wendy. Trying to loose weight. Mr. Mortimer Father to Minty and Thea. He is also a doctor. Mr. Calderon Father to Lennie, Paz and Melina. Kip Murphy Thea's Boyfriend. Conflict The conflict in this book is that everyone has
a secret and everyone is betraying someone.
Everyone is keeping terrible secrets from their neighbors and loved ones and are getting away with it. Resolution Two friends who are complete strangers in the beginning of the book collect peoples' secrets and hide them away in the book. They read the secrets and try to figure out which secrets are for who and resolve them so that everyone is friends and everyone is getting along. Setting This book takes place in a neighborhood close by a forest. The time of year is around November. Jocelyn Nguyen
Ms. Newchuch
Language Arts 7-3
7th December, 2012 Protagonist Antagonist Protagonist Protagonist Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Climax Resolution The rising action was when Minty and Raymond started finding the notes and they started putting the secret book of friends together by spying. The falling action in this book is when Minty and Paz aren't close anymore and Thea and Melina aren't friends anymore. Another falling action in this book is when Minty finds out that Raymond had Marcella and the only way to get the curse off of Paz was to get her back, but she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. The Climax of this book, is when Minty finds out that Raymond was a run away and she does everything she can you make sure he is okay. Like finding him a new home. The resoluton in this book is when Katie, Isabelle, Minty, and Paz all become friends and make a Roller derby team. Raymond found a new home. Thea and Melina both got their own boyfriends. Thea and Melina become friends again also. Troy's father and Wendy go out. Wendy tutors David so that he is better in school and she also teaches him how to deal with his mean sisters. When Lennie takes to curse off of Paz and when Lennie makes a new friend, Raymond. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone. Even someone like me, someone who doesn't like reading. The reason why i would recommend this book to someone who doesn't liker reading is because this book is so interesting I think anyone would be interested. If i had to choose specifically someone who likes reading specific books, I would say someone who likes reading books with mystery and adventure, because that's the kind of book The Secret Tree is. I would recommend this book to someone who will really read the book, because every chapter is important. This is a really good book, but in the beginning its kind of slow but once you get to the 4th chapter things start picking up and getting interesting. After they get to the Witch Lady's house they dare Paz to ring the doorbell.
Fellow neighbor who sells fruit. Otis: The Witch Lady Raymond's mother.
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