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The Crucible - Chronology of Important Events

No description

Nicolas Stei

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of The Crucible - Chronology of Important Events

The Crucible-
Chronology of Important Events

Act One
Reverand Parris saw Abigail and Betty dancing in the forest. He also saw Tituba (his servant) dancing around a kettle.
Abigail scares the girls by threatening them and makes them promise not to ever speak the truth
Betty becomes unconscious, and Reverend Hale looks after her and is to research the incident.
Parris refuses to acknowledge witchcraft.
Proctor and Abigail's affair is revealed
Act Two
John and Elizabeth discuss the issues in Salem. Elizabeth urges John to go to town and reveal that Abigail is not telling the truth.

Elizabeth is suspicious that John and Abigail had an affair.

Mary gives Elizabeth a poppet.
The town marshal arrives to arrest Elizabeth. The poppet is found with a needle in it. Earlier, Abigail had accused Elizabeth of witchcraft and stabbing her with a needle.
John tries to persuade Mary Warren to help him in court. She reveals that Abigail had told her about the affair.
John decides to go to court because he wont let Elizabeth die for him.
Abigail tells Hale Tituba has been in touch with the devil.
Hales tricks Tituba into confessing.
Abigail and Betty yell off names of people who were in touch with the devil
Act Three
With court in session, Mary testifies that she made the poppet. Abigail and the other girls accuse Mary of bewitching them with a cold wind.
Elizabeth claims she is pregnant. When questioned about John's affair with Abigail, she lies, thinking she was protecting him.
The court is chaotic when the girls scream Mary is sending her spirit at them.
Danforth questions Mary Warren and Abigail
In order to save herself from being called a witch, Mary then accuses John of being with the devil.
Elizabeth is questioned by Danforth. Proctors back is turned. She lies to protect John but doesnt know that he has already confessed to adultery.
Mary then accuses John of being with the devil.
Act four
Elizabeth convinces John to lie and admit to witchcraft.
When the court wants to post his admittance and signature on the church door, John rips it up.
John Proctor is put to death.
Abigail accuses Tituba of leading the activities, while Tituba begins naming a list of other people of being witches.
Mary Warren, John and Elizabeth Proctor's household helper, is now an official of the court.

Reverend Hale arrives at the Proctor's home, and questions John. He can not remember one of the commandments, which is adultery.
Abigail denies that she had an affair with John.
By: Nicolas Stei
Mr. Rolph
period 4
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