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Peel Paragraphs

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Elizabeth Shepperd

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Peel Paragraphs

Point, Evidence, Explain, Link PEEL Paragraphs Point This is the opening of your PEEL paragraph
where you state what device is being used.

For example:
The poet has used metaphor's in this poem to
illustrate their ideas... Explain This is where you need to expand on your point and evidence!

For example:
These metaphors confuse and surprise the reader because they often make reference to sewing
and clothing which are unexpected in a
conflict poem. The Poet has used this sewing
reference to suggest... Evidence This is where you need to prove your point with
examples from the text!
For example:
This is shown in stanza three in the line 'my stomach busy/ making tucks, darts, pleats...'. which is a metaphor that represents the anxious feeling the speaker has in her stomach. Link This is where you connect your paragraph to the essay
question/ main idea!
For example:
The poet has used these metaphors as a way to
express the fear of the speaker. The speaker is afraid
for the welfare of her son going away to war and
showing this through the anxious feeling in her
stomach. The link to sewing also demonstrates
fear because..... Things to Remember! PEEL paragraphs are not the enemy!

Vary your connectives and sentence starters!

The PEEL way is not the only way!
(as long as all the right info is there and it flows
well it doesn't have to be in PEEL order) Connectives! Although, as a result, because, consequently, despite, in order that, in this way, otherwise, since, so, so as to, therefore, thus, though, yet, as well as, besides, in addition, including, moreover, however, similarly Why? It is important to construct a great PEEL (or similar format) paragraph in your controlled assessment to show your understanding! We might know you know it, but we need to see it in writing....
Especially to get those higher
AF levels/GCSE grades!! What you should be including! Remember:
Structure (title, enjambment, etc...)
Language (metaphors, similes, imagery,
colour connotations, alliteration,
personification, etc...)
The effect on the reader
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