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digital citizenship

No description

John Fisher

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of digital citizenship

what is digital citizenship well it could be anything with tech like....... a cell phone because a cell phone is digital or a computer cause u can surf the internet which is digital now what is digital citizen ship all about u ask? ok i will explain. its about respecting yourself and other online users when I say respect i mean like don't say somthing you wouldn't say to the persons face like insults or rumors or blog post ETC and when I say respect yourself, Im saying don't post pictures, word posts, or info that could possibly harm or insult you. and digital citizenship is about learning about new technologly digital ctitzenship is about having fun on face book or twitter just saying, I don't like twitter, facebook is better! No offence to any twitter users but back to our topic :) digital citizen ship is about protecting yourself, here are some examples on how to protect yourself ....... have a password that only you would think of. keep certain info about yourself to yourself. like who needs to know? don't post pictures of yourself were strangers can see them! with the password thing back there, I have alot of different passwords, I don't know how I remember them all! And when you are using online chat rooms or forums respect the rules and restrictions like........ no foul language respect other users on the chat site or fourm dont attempt to hack the site or fourm, thats kind of commom sence though oh and dont copyright cause you will get a huge fine a maybe jail time and we dont want that, do we? Well thats it for the digital citizenship umm you can go to my blog
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