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Ashley Benson

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of ALBERTA

Alberta was founded by the first nations in the early 1700s.Eurpoean fur traders came and built different trading post, then more traders arrived.There was conflict between the companies and churches trying to convert aboriginal people their religion.Negotiations began making treaties to the first nations.Giving them government support and reserve land for government ownership for the rest of the land.On September 1 1905 prime minister Sir Wilfred Laurier made Alberta a province
Images of Alberta festivals
Alberta's economy cont.
Landscape and Natural features
Landscape and Natural features cont.
In Alberta there are different types of landforms with different features some of them are the plains or grassland in southeast of Alberta covers million acres of Alberta. The area is flat with rolling plains and has a few major hills.Sometimes the plain contains rock that were left behind millions of years ago.streches all the way from the gulf of Mexico to Canada.There is also the rocky mountains which is located in the western border of Canada. these mountains were created by the rising of the earth's crust. one of Alberta greatest tourist attractions.
Landscape and Natural Features cont.

Alberta is known as a welcoming province.There many different ethnic groups such as European,English,French,Aboriginal, Canadian and many more.In Alberta many things are held such as Folk Festivals, Multicultural Festivals, and Heritage Days and second largest Caribbean festival.There are different types of religions but the majority are Christian,Roman Catholic, United, Anglican, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and evangelical Christians.
In Alberta there are 4,082,600 people.
Landscape and Natural Features cont.
Alberta agriculture is very good they have some major crops which are wheat, canola, barley, flax, oats, rye and durum. black and brown soils of the mixed-grass prairie and parkland regions give the environment mixed farming
Alberta has a very successful economy.There are many types of industries in Alberta.But there are main industries that rise Alberta's economy.The main in Alberta is oil Alberta is known for having an abundance oil which comes from oil sands(or tar sands) it supplied for both Canada and the United States.Also in 2012 the oil sands produce 1.74 million barrels of a oil a day. Which made $90 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product.
Some of the manufactured products in Alberta are metals,wood,Computer,and Electronics. Alberta has trade relationships with many countries all over the world are few are China,Germany,Mexico,South Africa and many more.Not only does Alberta make trade all over the world but also within in Canada like British Columbia and Saskatchewan.There are many different industries that provide jobs but the industries that provide the more jobs are in the oil and gas industries,mining and manufacturing.Overall Alberta economy is very successful.

Alberta soil is light brown and fertile which is good for agriculture. the milk river in southeast Alberta flows through Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The rest is drained into Hudson bay and Nelson river these rivers carry 75% water that flows to the east.In northern Alberta there is the Athabasca, Hay and Peace river which drains to the Mackenzie River.Albetra has great diversity of wildlife,contains 587 species of animals there are 10 species of amphibians, 93 mammals, 411 birds, eight reptiles and 65 fish
Alberta has a dry continental climate.With warm summers and cold winters.Common air mass maritime polar, continental polar, maritime tropical, and continental arctic.Air masses shift to the north and south of Alberta which changes the temperature quickly.In the south of Alberta the annual precipitation is 300mm to 450mm and in the north it is 600mm. Average daytime temperature in the summer ranges about 20 to 25°C. North and west of Alberta receive high rainfall. South and east experience drought-like conditions but sometimes experience heavy rainfall.In the winter time the temperature ranges from -5 to -15°c
climate cont.
Major cities of Alberta
Edmonton- It is the capital city of Alberta. The population of Edmonton is 835,000. Became the capital city a year after Alberta became a province. It is known as the festival city because many festival are held there. Also it known the major economic center of oil and gas industries.Known as a high tech economy.
Major cities cont.
Calgary- The population is
1,096,833. It became a city in 1884. Has a high GDP per capita and has a low unemployment rate.One of the fastest growing region. Also known for many oil and gas industries.
Major cites cont.
Medicine hat-The population is 61,180. It was consider a town on October 31, 1898, and became a city on May 9, 1906 has difference kinds of industries such as brick manufacturing and agriculture
Alberta government
Alberta government is parliamentary democracy. Alberta Legislative Assembly has 87 members.The head of the Alberta government is queen Elizabeth the second. Her duties are carried out by the Lieutenant Donald Ethell. The premier of Alberta is Dave Hancock.Alberta has three political parties the liberals, Progressive Conservatives,and New Democrats.The taxes in Alberta is 10%
Tourist attractions and landmarks
There are many fascinating tourist attractions in Alberta. Such as national parks, outdoors destinations like the canadian Rockies for hiking,there are also ski resorts like Nakiska, the bow river for fishing and many more fun outdoors places.There are places for shopping such as West Edmonton Mall. There are many interesting and unusually landmarks such as the giant beaver in northwestern Alberta, also the giant sausage in mandare Alberta and in vegreville Alberta where there is a giant Easter egg.
Promotional Statement
Alberta is wonderful place to live with many different business opportunities in different industries especially in the oil and manufacturing industries. There are also many festivals and places to have fun discover new things and enjoy yourself. Alberta has a good economy and a fair government.
Web citing
https://sites google.com/site/alissahenriet8/landformsofalberta
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