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Website Ideas

No description

JJ Augenbraun

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Website Ideas

Integrated Eco Strategy Website URL No double letters
Easy to remember www.integratedecostrategy.com
www.ies.com - taken :( Sections Design, Content, and Misc. Examples Good Not quite as good http://www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/
clean design
Sections: Home, About Us, Work With Us, Resources, Contact Us, Blog
Active use of Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, RSS Feed, LinkedIn, Newsletter http://www.bluskye.com/
Sections: Work (Lens of Sustainability, Approach, Clients, Alliances, Case Studies, Testimonials), Thinking, Company (Story, People, Work at Blu Skye), Explorations
Rotating images on main page Home
About Us
Case Studies/Testimonials
Media (Photos and Videos)
Contact Us logo
good color scheme
keep layout clean
slideshow of images on main page
main page should be mostly static content but should also have some unique content (rotating testimonials, listing of latest excerpts from blog, etc)
lots of these companies have a diagram showing their "process"
hit counter
don't put a ton of information on the homepage (I like homepages that don't require any scrolling)
make sure it is clear what the company actually does, some of these websites were a bit vague until you dug deeper
optimize for search engines so it pops up in the first few pages of google searches http://www.greencanary.net/index.php
Sections: Our Team, Process, Consulting, Comms & Training
Rotating images on main page http://www.natlogic.com/
Sections: Home, Services, Resources, About Us, News, Blog, Contact
Search Box
Sections: Home, Products & Services, Resources, About Sustainedge
No moving images, seems a bit boring Additional Websites:
http://www.egreenideas.com/ (great example of putting case studies/portfolio online)
http://www.emoenergy.com/services/leed_consulting.htm http://www.wapsustainability.com/index.html
Boring, no images, primarily text http://www.greenbuildingfl.com/
-too busy, somewhat of an amateur look to website
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