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My Top 3 Favorite Movies

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Kathleen Foley

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of My Top 3 Favorite Movies

My Top Three Favorite
Movies of All Time Number 3: Love and Death

My third favorite movie of all time, and without
a doubt my favorite comedy of all time, is Love
and Death, written, directed by, and starring
Woody Allen. The bizarre plot and witty dialogue
speaks to my particular sense of humor. I've seen
this movie enough times that I can probably quote
the entire thing, but it still makes me laugh as hard
as I did the first time I saw it. Number 2: The Fall

My second favorite movie of all time is the Fall,
directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Catinca
Untaru and Lee Pace. This film is spectacular: it
has strong performances and is a pleasing blend
of comedy and drama. The visual imagery in this
film is absolutely stunning; even more stunning is
that no digital effects were used in its making. Also,
the performance by Catinca Untaru is the most
believable child performance in any movie I've ever
seen. Number 1: The Boondock Saints

My number one favorite movie of all time is
the Boondock Saints, written and directed by
Troy Duffy and starring Sean Patrick Flanery,
Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco, and
Willem Dafoe. This film is the perfect blend of
action, humor, drama, and overall awesomeness.
One of my favorite aspects of the film is the
combination of classical choir music with
scenes of intense violence. I also love the unique
storytelling which shows an investigation of a
crime scene followed by the crime itself. Without a doubt, this is my favorite movie.
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