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Let's talk Digital

An introduction to digital marketing. - HAVAS Worldwide Digital Athens

HavasWW Athens

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Let's talk Digital

let's talk digital our work ok how do I "digital" havas digital athens (and why do I care) The consumer is always in control, seeking to accumulate experiences, skills and knowledge The internet creates communities around interests and passions The web learns from us. Anticipates tastes and inclinations of users in order to make
unique experiences Web 3.0 (the semantic web) fades the borders between real and virtual life. The user is always logged in
PCs We are no longer consuming, we are interacting Facebook
Internet In a fast changing world the most successful organizations will be the those that get to the future first [ ] environment - Statistics concerning the use of Internet by Greeks: Usage of the Internet based on age groups all the cool kids
are doing it - What do they do on the Internet: how am I doing it Micro sites Blogs Facebook Social YouTube Twitter Smartphone Apps Android iPhone Podcast Create a brand that is meaningful and memorable through: Email campaigns Banners Applications but keep in mind... you are not selling...
...you are engaging complicated isn't it? doesn't have to be get to the future first 11.000 people 75 countries 120 cities 316 offices #1 Agency for Global Accounts
(5 Years in a Row) Ranked One of the
Top 3 Agencies of the Decade it's not our first time around what's digital our digital clients about us digital engagement model - 1 out of 3 people have access to the Internet
- The penetration rate of the Internet in the ages 13-70 has reached 68%.
- Mostly used by people in urban areas and highly educated. Men are taking the lead on Internet usage over women with a 72% and women are following behind with a 63%. Facebook usage on the other hand keeps increasing every year reaching a 46% on 2012.
Social media fans (Facebook, Twitter etc.) are online 6 days per week for an average of 67 min per day - Search for information about products and services
- Send/receive email
- Education
- Read newspapers/magazines
- Look for information in order to acquire knowledge
- Search information on health issues
- Download games, music, pictures and movies
- Web radio/ web TV - What do they use: - Mobile usage has reached 97% of population (9,426,000 subscribers)
- Mobile internet is used by 1,225,000 mobile users per month. (13%) Committed to Digital get the job done Durex Greece - We created Durex’s Facebook page earlier this year and have the ...page’s management and daily posts.
- Run 2 campaigns
a worldwide competition designing personal condom packages
Created the first greek online dimensional community game “Durex Playtown” in which users could play games, chat,flirt and get informed about Durex’s summer events and free sampling.
Viral video contest

Managed to increase number of likes by 10.000 in 2 weeks
Current no. of likes: 41.346 Veet Greece - We created Veet’s Facebook page earlier this year and have the ...page’s management and daily posts.
- Run a starting competition promoting the launch of a new pproduct by integrating all digital medium; Facebook, Blogs and pKOLs.
- Season campaign run with weekly competitions, rewarding with pproducts, increased virality and number of likes.

Total no. of likes: 36.024 Sanofi First entrance on the digital and social media environment:

- Break the taboo of pharmaceutical companies in the social media

- Invite people to spread the word with no benefit of their own

- Create an inviting user experience that will promote positivity and campaign ...message with discrete presence of the company. HavasWW Digital Athens consists of a fresh, young and experienced team with a unique approach which combines knowledge, ideas and advanced online technologies in social media and advertising.

HavasWW Digital Athens is specialized in:

- Digital Strategy & Communication
- Social Media Management and Applications (customised pFacebook and Twittter contests)
- Digital Advertising Technologies
- Mobile Applications
- Email Marketing Durex The Lovebirds Objectives: In time for St Valentine’s, we had to invite couples and lovers to share their love.

Creative Business Idea: We created a Facebook application/game in which users would send their love message to their current or potential lover. The lovebirds were given the message and the addresses to whom they would deliver the message .

Results: 771 love messages were delivered by our lovebirds in just one week! 6,000 new fans on our Facebook page and our greatest virality rate yet! 130,230 people reached by virality. Durex World Aids Day Objectives: With the World Aids Day coming up Durex wanted to show its support to all and inform people of the dangers of unprotected sex

Creative Business Idea: We were a part of the world campaign Durex World Aids Day. Durex decided to give one condom for each like, share and tweet that concerned our campaign to a non-profit organization. In Greece we recruited celebrities Eleonora Meleti and Doukissa Nomikou, heavy tweeter users, to spread the word.

Results: In total we gathered 7,500 condoms through our digital campaign VEET find the twins Objectives: Remind our target audience of our product off-season

Creative Business Idea: We created a Facebook application/game in which users would take part in order to win a luxury spa in a 5* Star Hotel. The game was launched on Christmas vacations in order to remind the users of the variety of products that our brand offers and that hair removal is never off-season .

Results: 3,019 unique players, 34,583 games played and 5,500 new fans on our Facebook page. All in just 10 days Veet IT girls Objectives: Launch the summer season with a buzz

Creative Business Idea: Summer Beauty Contest to find the Veet “IT” Girl! The Veet “IT” Girl campaign included the creation of a fashion and beauty competition in which all Veet Facebook fans were given the chance to participate through a digital interview. The campaign was completed with a beauty and fashion contest among the 5 Veet Top Models in which our Facebook fans voted and declare the top Veet “IT” Girl through our own Facebook page

Results: 107 girls sent their application form, 8.000 new fans in our Facebook page and an amazing 27,2% engagement rate SCA TENA Care Club

Created microsite in order to update Care Club members, with offers and discounts from TENA partners. Travel destinations, recipes, news and tips for a healthier way to live TENA run the lake

Facebook page providing useful information and advises on how to compete on 10k marathon organized by TENA
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