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Discover the treasure of Chinese food with 1800-shop

Order Chinese & Asian Food Online From Online Chinese Supermarket

Ted Charles

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Discover the treasure of Chinese food with 1800-shop

https://www.1800-shop.com 1800-shop Beef
noodles Noodles Korean noodles shrimp
noodles mushrooms
noodles Beverages Wang Lao ji Ice Tea Milk Tea Green Tea Chinese Snacks Morinaga Soft candy Gummy-Choco Winter melon Dry Food Lily flower Lotus root Dried Mushroom Products Noodles Beverages Chinese Snacks Dry Food Contact us
For any questions 24-7. We normally respond to all enquiries within 1 working day.
Tel: +1 718-709-8234
+86 95040302116
Fax: +1 718-709-8234 Flushing
City: New York
Country: United Stated
Postal code: 11355 About Us 1800-shop.com was established in 2010, graduated from the United States by several well-known graduates of the University jointly organized, in order better to the students in the United States, Chinese and overseas Chinese a better standard of living, so even if they are in a foreign country also The characteristics of the motherland can enjoy food, eating completely solve the monotony of life in a foreign country, in this electronic age, more convenient, more efficient provision of food with Chinese characteristics.
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