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Company presentation Nirota

No description

Baudina van der Veer

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Company presentation Nirota

Oostwouder Tank & Silobouw BV

Holvrieka - Nirota BV

Shareholders Nirota B.V.
Quality & Assurance
History of Nirota
Nirota today
In-house production
1962 Holvrieka Nirota Sneek opens new facility

1980 Additional capacity Hall 7 & 8 ( 23 mtrs height)

2000 Award winning project for Orange juice storage

2008 CIMC acquires Holvrieka

2014 Joint Venture with Oostwouder Tanks &
Silobouw. Nirota BV increases capacity on-site

AD 2000 - Merkblätter
ASME VIII div. 1
ASME U-stamp
Lloyds Register according ISO 9001
PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
API 620/650
TÜV according HP0
ISO 9001

Cranage capacity: 30 cranes; capacity < 2 tonnes up to 4 x 25 tonnes
Hall capacity: 8 halls, total capacity 8000 m2 up to 23mtrs height
Engineers: 5 engineers, 5 autocad (inventor) stations
Project managers: 2 full time project managers
Supervisors: 3 full time supervisors
Q&A: 1 full time Q&A professional
Total workforce: 65 full time professionals

Material handling
Monitored by QA Department

All materials with certificates

All Stainless Steel material up to 6,35 mm thickness and 1500 or 2000 mm width available as cold rolled

Cold rolled materials are received on coils. After de-coiling, one side of the plate is protected by a plastic coating against scratches during production.

During final inspection, this plastic coating is removed.

Coil dimensions used :1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000

Nirota products
Storage tanks
CIP tanks
Process tanks
Cooling- and heating tanks
Stainless steel tanks for the storage of your cleaning liquids.
Stainless steel tanks for mixing your products and/or keeping it homogeneous.
Stainless steel tanks for cooling, heating and/or keeping on temperature of your product.
Engineering skills: Stress analysis
Engineering skills: Autocad Inventor
Spherical and Conical heads & bottoms
Ladders, Staircases & Walkways
Supervision on-site
Installed base
Nirota online
Lorentzstraat 7
8606 JP Sneek
The Netherlands

+31 515 43 53 73
- Storage
- Chemicals
- Food
- Beer
- Juice
- Drinks
Edible Oils
Storage & Process

Independent private company.

30 years of experience with building storage tanks and -silo's.

Specialized in constructing stainless steel welded storage tanks.

Oostwouder Tank & Silobouw BV

Part of CIMC Enric.

60 years of experience in stainless steel tank manufacturing.

Largest indoor manufacturing facilities for stainless steel tanks.

Holvrieka - Nirota BV

Nirota recommences the Q&A procedures

Stainless steel tanks for the storage of your sustainable (liquid) substances
3-D design to enable visual reality for your tank(s)!

CFD Analysis for optimal process guarantee

FEA & stress calculations

De-coiling in shop or on-site
On-site construction
Logistically not efficient to ship the stainless steel tanks?

Manufacturing of stainless steels tanks on-site is the perfect solution!
Dairy process plants meets hygienic requirements
Alignment, placement and anchoring of the tanks.

Fitting of agitators, ladders, staircases and walkways.

Nirota delivers a complete range!
Hope to see you soon in Sneek!
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