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Apollo: Greek god, Mascot

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Julio Morales

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Apollo: Greek god, Mascot

Sharpstown Apollos
Greek god Apollo
- Who is Apollo?
-What are some symbols of Apollo?
-SHS and Apollo?

Apollo comes from Greek mythology.
Apollo was the Greek god of:
Light and Truth
The Arts
Apollo uses his chariot to drive the sun across the sky.
Apollo was honored every 4 years through sporting event.
Apollo uses bows and arrows to defeat monsters and bring justice.
Because Apollo was the god of Truth, he could never tell a lie.
Symbols of Apollo
Bow and Arrow
*( Justice)
*( Arts, Beauty)
Laurel Wreath
*( Truth and Light)
SHS and Apollo
Apollo is a powerful mythical being that strives for honor, beauty, and justice.
Sharpstown is a school where everyone can become a person that values beauty and integrity.
-How does Apollo reflect the values of Sharpstown High School?
(Refer back to Apollo Creed)
-Choose one symbol that represents your values.
His Father is Zeus.
Twin Sister is Artemis, goddess of darkness and the hunt.
The Muses
They were the source of
inspiration for all artists.
Oracle of Delphi
People would flock to Delphi just for the prophecies.
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