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Varying sentence openings

Class presentation

Mark Wolf

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Varying sentence openings

Varying Sentence
Openings How Most Sentences Are That is Fine but.... Participial Phrases: In most cases sentences are fine like that. If you start to sting together too many of them in a row, your writing becomes dull and monotonous. Are phrases that begin with a past or present participle verbs such as any that end with -ing or -en plus any objects, modifiers, and complements.

EX:"The Angelus Building looms on the corner of its block, seven stories, thick with dark windows, caged in a dingy mesh of fire escapes."
(Edmund Wilson, Travels in Two Democracies, 1936) Original: A few drops of sap eventually begain to trickle into the pail. Most sentences start with the subject, then the verb, moving on to an object with modifiers in there are at the end. EX: A few drops of sap eventually began to trickle into the pail. These are brought up because frequently you can use them at the beginning of a sentence without losing clarity.

Disclaimer: Sentences that begin with participial phrases must name out the person or object being described or it causes the sentence to dangle. by Mark Wolf Let's Fix That First Example Now Edited: Eventually a few drops of sap began to trickle into the pail.
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