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Blake Mycoskie

No description

Jolee Jones

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie The Inventor of TOMS Shoes “Goodwill only lasts so long. … There will come a day when donations will run out,” he said. “TOMS is about creating something sustainable, it sustains the giving.”

Philosophy & Quotes Education Southern Methodist University Martin High School
Arlington, Texas Blake also went to St. Stephens Episcopal School in Austin, Texas Blake was the inventor of TOMS Shoes.
While competing on the second season of The Amamzing Race with his sister Paige in 2006; Blake
started having the idea to give shoes to the children in in Argentina who didn't have them, but instead of starting a charity he started a business. He called it TOMS. Now for every pair of shoes you buy a pair gets sent to a child without shoes. Blake has recieved the Cooper Hewitt People's Design Award.
He did this because he saw many children suffering
from podoconiosis, also known as "Mossy Foot". This is a soil transmited disease caused from walking in silicia-rich soil, this caused to foot to swell and become infected.
Work & Achivements Blake Mycoskie is one of
my all time hereo's I wish
that I could go and spend
just to understand how he
started his "One For One"
Why Blake? Arlington, Texas August 26, 1976 Childhood
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