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Interactive overview - Football Foundation

Provides an interactive overview of the Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2013

Michael Rigby

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Interactive overview - Football Foundation

Since 2000 we have funded projects worth over £1 billion.
We are the largest sports charity in the UK
This interactive overview will give you a summary of the key points included within the latest M&E Report
Annual M&E survey
We receive over 90% of surveys, which is a very high return rate
All projects we fund provide us with

detailed M&E information each year

via an easy to use online survey
This data provides us with information

on how projects are delivering against

their expected outcomes
Funded by the Premier League,
The FA and Government (via Sport England)
We commissioned
a respected consultant to provide
an independent review of our M&E processes
Our Strategic Performance Indicators (SPIs) are designed to tell us how we are doing across key areas
We have six SPIs which provide a measure on how we have performed over the previous year and are a reflection on everything that we do (i.e. all schemes we deliver)
We adopt a ‘through-life’ approach to supporting projects over the course of their lifetime, which means continued assistance for up to 21 years
The Support Day involves the grantee meeting face-to-face with their County FA and a Foundation representative ...
... to provide an update on the project and review the delivery of the funded Football Development Plan
Ideas can be shared
Achievements can be discussed
Support can be provided
... actions are agreed
to help
improve the project
meeting a score out
At the end of the
of 5 is provided
In 2013 the majority of projects seen at a Support Day scored highly
We also introduced Support Day Light meetings last year
This allows us to continue to support projects identified as being lower risk via a scheduled meeting over the phone
89% of these projects scored highly in 2013
This gives us a very large sample of data for our M&E team to analyse
Which allows us to measure the impact of our grants
And ...
The information provided within the first two stages allows us to have a detailed picture of each project’s progress
This allows us to identify those projects which would benefit from extra support and advice to help reach their potential and become sustainable
Once projects are identified, we have a team of
who provide in-depth support and develop bespoke solutions to help them:
Increase Participation
Become more sustainable
Impact across projects who receive
Findings from AGP research
With a special thanks to our funding partners
Read the full M&E Report by clicking on the link:
As well as individual project evaluation, we also undertake wider thematic research
In 2013, we commissioned the University of Brighton to undertake research into AGPs
Key to this research was a survey completed by players and coaches
about their experiences of using AGPs
Artificial Grass Pitches (AGPs) research
We use the findings from the research to help ensure that we invest our money into projects that need it most
Scheme 1
Scheme 2
Scheme 3
Scheme 4
Scheme 5
In 2013 we delivered five funding schemes
Next you will see headline figures for each of these schemes
Interactive overview
Want to know more?
Tip -
Created by Michael Rigby, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
We use a three-stage
M&E model to manage
and support the projects we fund

Key to this, is a system of annual Support Day meetings that are held with facility projects once they are open and in use
intervention across projects they supported
Due to the
robust three-stage
M&E model
we use, this
results in
an ...
We have now launched Grantshot, an online portal which enables applicants to easily view live information about their grants in one central place
We have now launched the new Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund which will support the development of new or refurbished local football facilities, particularly in the most deprived areas of the country
This information is then presented each year in our M&E Report
The review found that not only was our M&E
robust and fit for purpose but that significant improvements had been made since the previous year
In addition to this, seasonal participation figures for Facilities Scheme projects were independently audited by the Social Audit Network to
provide further credibility
to our results
The survey was developed using Upshot - the Foundation's project management and monitoring system - to make it user friendly for people to complete
You can use the right arrow on your keyboard when in fullscreen mode
to be guided through this overview
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