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No description

Brian Loesel

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Theseus

Theseus Grew up with mother Son of King Aegeus Had to roll away stone
to uncover father's sword
and shoes Traveled to Athens to meet Father
by taking the tough route full of bandits Hero of Athens Sciron made travelers
bend over to drink water
then kicked them off the cliff Sinis tied travelers
to two trees then let go
Procrustes stretched or
cut off victims on an
iron bed Theseus defeated them all
by doing to them what they
did to others Met father after
his sword Decided to be one of the tribute victims presented
to the Minotaur, secretly plotting to kill it Half bull/ half human The Minotaur Poseidon gave a bull to Minos in order to sacrifice it. Minos did not sacrifice it, instead keeping it for himself. Poseidon made his wife fall in love with the bull, producing the Minotaur 7 youths and 7 maidens were given to it every 9 years Made it through maze with help from Minos' daughter Defeated the Minotaur Became King of Athens
after father committed
suicide thinking that
his son was dead Organized the city of Athens
into a people's government Possessed great character
and honor Went on Journey of the Golden Fleece Became friends with Pirithous
and took many journeys with him A son, Hippolytus was born to him by the Amazon, Ariadne His wife, Phaedra, fell for
Hippolytus and betrayed him.
She killed herself and blamed it
on him. Theseus exiled him,
not knowing the truth
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