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Polar bears

No description

Reaganne Stiles

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of Polar bears

Polar Bears The polar Bears are the worlds largest land predators Today 25,000 to 40,000 polar bears roam the artic In the wild polar bears live 25 years A Polar Bear's fur is not white each one is a clear hollow tube that appears white because they reflect the lights They often rest silently at a seals breathing hole in the ice waiting to catch their prey Most of the time polar bears don't live to there third birthday Humans are making oil spills and when the polar bears get out of the water and groom most die ecoble.com Habitat Polar bears don't drink water they get there water from the animals they eat Credit- They are found in the Artic, Canada,Greenland, Russia, and Norway Food Most of the time polar bears eat seals but sometimes they eat walruses and Beluga whales

They are the worlds largest meat eaters in the bear family

They sleep after every meal Behavior Polar bears don't hibernat

Sometimes polar bears sleep in pits that they dug in the snow Body Hunting Future - Animal Facts: the polar bear.2009.DLTKS. 4/5/10

- Polar bear. 1998. Ercha. 4/7/10 [http://library.thinkquest.org/3500/polarbearhtm]

- Hemstock Annie.The Polar Bear . Mankato,capstone 1999

-Levi Biel Timothy. Polar Beas. San Diego, wildlife Education.1993

-Polar Bears. . Natural Resoures Defense Council.4/19/10.[http://savebiogems.org/polar/] yg If we don't take action now Polar Bears are likely to be extinct in Alaska in 2050 due to global warming Male Polar Bear's can grow 10 feet tall and weigh over 1400 pounds which means they can stand on their back legs and look into an elephants eyes Female Polar Bear reaches 7 feet tall and weigh 650 pounds Their biggest weapon is their front paws "its like a 25 pound sledgehammer" When the ice melts most Polar Bears go ashore and act like Brown Bears staying in forest and eating wild berries They have an excellent sense of smell they can smell from 20 miles away credit-Funnyanimalsite.com/bing credit- AnnNorthcutt/photobucket credit-lizzy172/photobucket credit-andie145/photobucket credit-Steven Kazlowski credit-Steven Kazlowski credit-HpeKu08oHx/photobucket credit-tatacsi/photobucket Bibliography
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