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Terram Novam By Maddy and Sophie

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Terram Novam By Maddy and Sophie

Terram Novam By Maddy and Sophie
What Is Terram Novam?
Terram Novam is a back-up planet that will be used if either the Earth or Sun fails. Equipped with a large amount of water sources, plant life and a simulated sun and moon Terram Novam has all the features needed for sustaining life. It is also 1.1 AU away from the Sun. Which is a bit further away from the Sun than Earth
Freshwater, Wetlands, Marine, Coral Reefs, Estuaries, Tundra, Rainforest, Savanna, Taiga, Forest, Grassland, Alpine, Chaparral, Desert. Why? Terram Novam will have all the biomes and climates, as it is a duplicate of Earth and is able to sustain life.
What Biomes Will Terram Novam Have? Why?
Will There By Any Moons? Why?
There will be 2 moons, 1 original moon called 'Titan.' (Named after Saturn's largest moon.) And then a man made moon called 'Luna Plena.' (Meaning Full Moon in Latin.) These moons will both have the ability to light up the night sky and control the tides with the gravitational pull as it orbits Terram Novam.
How Long Will A Day Be? Why?
The average day and night length without the simulated Sun will be 26 hours and 13 minutes, that is a little longer than Earth's day and night because Terram Novam is a little further from the Sun and that influences the day and night length. The simulated Sun that is known as ' Lucifer,' (Day Star in English.) When the Lucifer is in use, the days will be from 26 hours to 28 hours, depending on the day.
Will There Be Plant Life On Terram Novam? Why?
While oxygen could be easily produced in labs, we would still need plants otherwise Terram Novam will be overran with Carbon Dioxide. So we need plants to take in the Carbon Dioxide and release the oxygen. Because of the size of the planet and the population, scientists would not be able to produce Oxygen and reduce Carbon Dioxide, therefore it is VITAL for plant life on Terram Novam.
Well in order to sustain life there must be a water source that can contain water for a long amount of time. There will be Solid, (Ice.) Liquid, (Water.) and Gas/Vapour. (Steam.) So there has to be water on our planet. So there will be thousands of fresh and salt water sources spread out on Terram Novam.
What Is The Size Of Terram Novam? Why?
Terram Novam will have a radius of 7,000km and an area of 225660km, so we have in creased the space of the planet because of the forever growing population, therefore there will be more space to build towns and cities. The distance will also impact the light that the planet needs, the planet needs light to keep the climate continuously stable and to sustain plant life.
Terram Novam will be made of the exact same chemical elements that Earth had the surface will be Nickel and Iron and the atmosphere will be made of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and water vapour. This is so animal life and human life can have plant life that grows in soil.
Because of the distance from the Sun, Terram Novam has temperature of -4 Celsius in the Polar Region to 35 Celsius in Desert Regions. Because of the man made atmosphere Terram Novam cannot have Global Warming, therefore the temperature will not change. Because Terram Novam has to sustain life, most places most places have a temperature range of 5 Celsius to 25 Celsius, so it can be easily habituated.
How Was Terram Novam Created?
Terram Novam is a duplicate of Earth created by scientists at NASA. So if the Earth or the Sun fails fails, the entire world can easily go over to Terram Novam with a automatic sun and moon and lovely ready-built homes and being a couple of thousand meters away it does not take a couple years and we will be there within 5 hours max.
What Chemicals Will Terram Novam Will Be Made Of And Why?
What Climate Will Terram Novam Have? Why?
Will there be Creeks, Oceans, Lakes, Rivers etc? Why?
What Colour Will Your Planet Be? Why?
Terram Novam will be aqua and green, the same as Earth, this is because of the thin atmosphere that is clear and allows us to see through the thin layer of gases.
What Kind of Weather Conditions Is There On Terram Novam? Why?
In order to sustain life there must be water, so there will have to rainstorms quite frequently to sustain the large amount of water that is required to keep animal and human life hydrated.
There will also be floods just like Earth.
Whats similar to is that Earth we still don't have the power to control the weather, we can only predict and estimate the weather.
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