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Behavior Modification

No description

Health Psychology

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Behavior Modification

Alyssa Weissman
Exercise Modification Goal:
- work out 3-5 days a week
- 3 days of running per week
- 3.5 miles

- running plan from workout magazine
- log workouts online [running2win.com] Hilary Teachout
Eating Habit Modification Goal/Method: Decrease carbohydrate intake, increase nutrient intake, supplement with multivitamin.
-Small, healthy snacks
-Log + Myfitnesspal.com + App
-Uplifts and Hassles Scale Behavior Modification Health Psychology (PSY260A) Sydney Wahlgren Goal/Method: Integrate swimming three times a week with an increase of 200 yards each week
-Duration and Intensity
-31,200 yards (18 miles)
-Health and job
-Logged electronically (Calendar App) Anna Sweeti
Eating Habit and Water
Drinking Modification Goal/Method: Increase water and fruit intake in two week increments.
-Increase gradually
-Keep options open
-Logged in my planner Emma Stolen
Exercise Modification Goal/Method: Workout multiple times during the week
-3-5 times a week; 1hr. minimum each time
-Increase cardiovascular health
-Pinterest idea Questions? That's all! Hilary Teachout
Anna Sweeti
Emma Stolen
Sydney Wahlgren
Alyssa Weissman Non-Western Perspective:
Ayurveda Experience:
-Tried new things
-Choices became habitual Adjustments:
-Location of multivitamin
-Ditched reward Partner's Feedback:
-Very helpful
-Similar struggles (motivation)
-Helped with multivitamin problem Strengths or Weaknesses:
-Myfitnesspal App
-Reward System Lessons Learned:
-Simple choices go a long
-Behavior modification
is not easy Exercise Modification:
Swimming Non-Western Perspective: TCM
"Qi" Element= Water Experience:
Change from normal routine
Worked different muscles
Endurance, Speed and Technique
Didn't stick to reward Adjustments:
Reward System Partners Feedback:
Hear similar problems
Equal Experiences Strengths/Weaknesses:
Convenience Lessons Learned:
Set meaningful goals
Switch it up
Group Activities Non-Western Perspective: Ayurvedic Medicine Experience:
-Water intake easier than fruit
-Hard to try new things
-Water drinking habitual
-Changed reward Setback:
-Became sick Partner's Feedback:
-New ideas
-Motivational Strengths:
-Fruit and water very accessible
-Picky eater Lessons Learned:
-Keep fruit in room
-Hard to make changes Non-Western Perspective:
-Ayurvedic medicine
-Working out longer
-Trying new routines
-Issue with Spring Break and reward
-Continuing workout routines Adjustments:
Reward system Feedback:
-Super positive
and supportive Strengths: Options
Weaknesses: Reward system Lessons learned:
-Exercise can be fun!
-Encouragement helps Non-Western Perspective: Ayurveda
- balance "doshas"

- stress reliever!
- harder to meet running goal than thought
- workout goal all 6 weeks Setbacks:
- hurt foot/new running shoes Progress:
- can run 2.5 miles (so far!)
- stronger! Future Plans:
- keep going to reach my goal
- exercise upkeep to feel good Strengths/Weaknesses:
- no weaknesses
- pretty lenient What I learned:
- you CAN make time for exercise
- body can do more than you
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