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No description

Azka Hafeez

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of poster

Uses of
in field of medicine Hazards and precautions Nuclear Physics Cancer Treatment Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiations to kill malignant cells, in cancer treatment. Thyroid Test By
radioactive iodine The test can show how much tracer is absorbed by the thyroid gland are often used
in treatment planning for
radiation therapy. CT Scans Radiocarbon
Dating after the tree decays,
the age of the tree
be found by the Carbon-14 content of that
tree as it loses radiations and lowers carbon contents! Radioactive rays causes mutation in cells, resulting in problems like Cancer! Power station be setup away from
human settlements workers should wear special clothes lined by 3 cm lead! wastes form these stations should be
kept in boxes lined by lead , more than 3 cm
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