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American Revolution - Essential Questions

No description

Jared Matas

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of American Revolution - Essential Questions

When do people have the right to revolt against their government? Why do people rebel against their government? The American Revolution raises issues of enduring interest.
For your final project, you will answer one of these questions. What ideas caused conflict between Great Britain and the American colonies, and led to the Declaration of Independence? American Revolution - Final Project 7th Grade Social Science Who were the people that made all the difference? What event was the turning point? What sub-questions do you have to answer to be able to thoroughly answer this essential question?

What facts do you need to know to answer the question?

What do you already know that could help answer the question? In your group, discuss and write responses on chart paper: To answer the question of your choice, you will choose a digital technology and create a project response. You can choose between creating a Prezi presentation and a Glogster digital poster.

To get familiar with Glogster, check out this Glog:

Log on at: edu.glogster.com
Your nickname is FirstNameJCDS
Example: JaredJCDS

Your temporary password is your last name.
As soon as you log-in, change your password to something secret.
Keep your password private.
Tell me if you forget or need to reset it.

1) Create a Glog, on ANY topic of interest to you, however simple/complicated you want. Due 5/27.
2) Decide which of the 5 essential questions you want to answer for your project.
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