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The Amendment Process and Amendments XGOVX


Steve Williams

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of The Amendment Process and Amendments XGOVX

And the Amendments
The Amendment Process
The Amendment Process
The Amendment Process
The Amendment Process
Prior to the Civil War: Congress and State Population split very evenly between N&S i.e. slave & non-slave states- South would block any Amendment banning Slavery.

Following the Civil War: Congressmen and State Legislatures were planted in Southern states (States get first black governors, etc.)

Allows for 2/3 of Congress to propose
13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
and 3/4 states to Ratify them
-The process in which new laws or procedures are
added to our Constitution
-To keep our constitution responsive to changing nation and world

Proposing Amendment:
- Requires vote of 2/3 of BOTH
Houses of Congress
-National Convention requested by 2/3 of state legislatures (this has never actually happened)
Once the Amendment has been accepted it must be RATIFIED by the States:

Ratification Process:
-Requires approval of 3/4 of state legislatures (3/4 of states = 38 states)
-Requires acceptance of 3/4 states at national convention. (again, never been used)
Article V: The Amendment Process
Amendment: A formal revision to the constitution
Two-Step Process:
1. Propose an amendment
--->Recognizing the need for an amendment and writing it.
2. Ratify the purposed amendment
--->Confirming the proposed amendment
Bill of Rights
1. Freedom of speech,
religion, press, to assemble.
2. Right to bear arms and raise
a militia
3. No soldiers living in your
house during peace times.
4. You need a warrant to
5. Legal/Criminal Protections
---> Can't be held for crime
w/o jury
--->Can't be charged x2 for
same crime
--->Due Process
--->No taking of prop. without
--->Can't be forced to testify...
Bill of Rights
6. Right to a lawyer and right
to a speedy trial.
7. Jury trial can be given for civil cases over the value of $20. (now approx. 75 grand)
8. Protection from cruel & unusual punishment
9. Protection of rights not mentioned in constitution
(i.e. privacy)
10. Anything not mentioned, power goes to the states.

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