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How did learning advance in ancient egypt

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Jesse Sepulveda

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of How did learning advance in ancient egypt

What religious beliefs did egyptians hold
The egyptians developed some of the first geometry.Each year the Nile's floods washed away land boundaries.To restore property lines,surveyors measured the land by using ropes that were knotted at regular intervals.

Egyptians studied the sky as part of religion they noticed a star that returned every time the nile flooded each year the nile flooded the star returned to the same spot
Beginning about 3000 B.C., Egyptians developed a writing system using hieroglyphs.Hieroglyphs are pictures that stand for different words or sounds.Early Egyptians created a hieroglyphic system with about 700 characters.
How did learning advance in ancient egypt
Egyptians doctors prepared dead bodies for burial so they knew parts of the body this knowledge let the egyptians perform some of the first surgery
Life for women
Egypt was one of the best places in the ancient world to be a woman.Unlife other ancient African cultures,in Egyptian society men and woman had fairly equal rights.For example,they can both own and manage their own property.
In egypt people became slaves if they owed a debt, committed a crime or if they were a war prisoner
Children in egypt played with dolls, animal figures, board games, and marbles their parents made these toys from clay and wood. Kids also played rough physical games with balls from leather or reeds
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