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No description

Paul McNamee

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Travelling

Before you go!
- Planning your transportation
-Planning your accomodation Discussion Where would you like to go? Booking your Transportation Important vocabulary
= To make sure, make certain

= to book (verb) Where have you traveled? Why? Practicing Pronunciation I'd like to reserve ( I would like) Making a hotel reservation "Hi, I would like to inquire about the price of your rooms?"
"Our rooms start at $79 for a standard room and go up to $300 for a suite."
"Ok. Would it be possible to reserve a room please?"
"Would you like a deluxe double, standard double, single or twin room?"
"Hm, I don't know. How much is a single again?
The standard single is $79
Oh, okay, I'll take that.
"What date are you looking for?"
"I will be arriving on June 22nd
"How long will you be staying with us?"
"I would like to reserve the room for 4 days."
I was wondering if could have a late check out on the last day, maybe around 1pm?
Usual check-out is 12pm however we can offer a 2pm check out for an additional $10 dollar fee Match vocabulary with correct picture Deluxe double Standard double Single room Twin room Suite Practice Pronunciation Hm, I don't know. How much is a single again? I dunno Oh, okay, I'll take that Practice "Hi, how much are your rooms?""Our rooms start at $79 for a standard room and go up to $300 for a suite."
"Ok. Can I __________ a room please" = the time something will happen at confirm reserve scheduled reservation = noun ROLE PLAY You are planning to visit New York for a week from the 15th of June to the 22nd for business. Ring up The Grand Plaza to reserve your room Did you ever get lost in another city? Discussion What phrases can you use to ask for directions? "Excuse me. Do you know where the post office is?" "Excuse me. I'm looking for the post office. Do you know how to get there?" Excuse me. What is the best way to get to Seattle?" "Excuse me, ________________________museum. Whats the best way to get there?

"After you turn right, go for five blocks and turn left.
"Go for three blocks, turn left at the next light. You'll see it across the street from McDonalds." Practicing intonation Whats the best way to get there? Polite request
Excuse me Polite question Role play Practice asking and giving directions EXTRA PRACTICE: Read the following extract Before I go on vacation, I always make hotel 1_________________ in advance so I have a place to stay. I usually look online for cheap hotels or other accommodations. Sometimes, I book a nice hotel that has a number of 2.______________ like a swimming pool, exercise room. If I eat at a restaurant at the hotel, I just have the meal 3.___________ to the room and pay for the room charge and meals at the same time. Other times, I just look for cheap hotels or motels that provide the basic necessities. If I really want to save money, I reserve a bed at a youth hostel. The price is cheaper, but I have to share a room with other 4.___________ which doesn't bother me at all. c. reservations b. amenities a. billed d. guests What are the main factors that determine where you choose to stay on your vacation (e.g., price, location, hotel amenities, hotel reputation, etc.)? Rank these things from highest to lowest and discuss your reasons Discussion You: Hello, I would like to confirm my flight.
Airline: "Can I get your ticket number?" You: Sure, the number is E34560
Airline: Ah yes, I have your booking here.
You are scheduled to depart on June 15th at
1:00 pm. Is this correct?"
You: Yes, thats right
Airline: Is anybody else traveling with you?
You: "Yes, my friend."
Airline: Can I have the other ticket number?
You: It's E546679
Airline: Your tickets have been confirmed.
You: Is it possible to reserve our seats now?
Airline: Of course, would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?
You: Oh, window for me and aisle for my friend
Airline: Alright, your seat numbers are 36A and 36C. Please arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight departs for check in. Thank you for calling aisle = center of aircraft where people walk Role Play You and your friend are planning a holiday to Europe
Discuss which preparations you need to make and make a plan for what transportation you will need to book. Role 1: Suggest what tasks need to be completed before your trip to Europe and what preparations your friend should make Role 2: Respond to your friends suggestions and plan suggest what transportation needs to be booked. We need to reserve
tickets for the train
in Italy. Ok, I'll go to the
website and make
the reservation.
Did you book the
flight to Paris? Prefer to book a hostel? DISCUSSION What was the nicest hotel you ever stayed in? Then lets go! Where will you go first? Where after that? And last? lets make a plan for your dream vacation How will you get to each place? What kind of transportation will you use? Confirming flight bookings I'd like to make a reservation Booking online Do you prefer to travel by luxury bus, train or plane? What are the benefits of each? Look for special deals
Bus pass = Allows travel on all of company's buses for a certain period of time Planning Where will you stay in each place — in a hotel or hostel, with friends or family,
or at a campground? Polite requests I'd like to inquire about...... What is the difference between a hotel and a hostel? English that Travels! h Hello, Grand Plaza
New York. How may
I help you? Would it be possible to.... I was wondering if...
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