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Agricultural Engineering

No description

Samantha Baniega

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Agricultural Engineering

by: Samantha Baniega Stem 1 September 15, 2014
Agricultural Engineering
What are their major responsibilities?
Some of the major responsibilities of being an agricultural engineer are designing tools, machinery, and equipment to manage and tend to the crops and plants.
The education required to become or take part in the agricultural engineering career is a minimum of a bachelor degree in any engineering skills, although a degree in biological or architectural engineering gives you a better, dare I say the best chance in the position
Is there a high demand for this job?
The demand of agricultural engineers should increase and are expected to multiply about as fast as other jobs. The need for products and equipment for agricultural and environmental science will most increase the demand of the agricultural engineering positions.
Agricultural Engineering salary
The salary given to an Agricultural Engineer varies depending on: experience, location, company, and industry. Most Agricultural Engineers earn between about $56,500 to about $93,900 a year, and usually $27.15 to $45.13 an hour.
What are the working conditions?
Depending on the type of work they are specialize they may work in many different working environments. Agricultural Engineers may work in offices, work sites, and/or laboratories.
Area of Technology
Agricultural Engineering is classified as chemical technology, because they create products to conserve and/or save food and chemical solutions to help better the soil for crops and plants to keep them healthy.
What do they do?
Agricultural Engineers specialize in many subjects to do their work. Agricultural Engineers design and also manufacture or create power machines to harvest crops. They may also involve themselves in food and bio processing.
An invention created by agricultural engineers was the Cotton Gin. This invention helped farmers in colonial times to separate seeds from fibers clinging on, which made cotton cloth less expensive than before.
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