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Red Bull

No description

Aleksandra Łukasiewicz

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Red Bull

Situation on the market
Product portfolio
History and Basic Information
Sampling program
Event sponsorship
"Red Bull gives you wings"
What's inside?
Caffeine + Taurine +
B-Group Vitamins +
Sucrose & Glucose +
Alpine Spring Water

Market share
Mission and Vision
1. "In terms of further expansion, Red Bull is targeting the core markets of Western Europe and the USA and growth markets in the Far East..."
2. "... focusing on the ongoing world-wide roll-out of the Red Bull Editions"
" In spite of the still uncertain financial and global economic climate, our plans for growth and investment in 2014 remain very ambitious, envisage a continued upward trend, and – as always at Red Bull – will be financed from the operative cash flow."
Competition Comparison
Redbull: 7 products, 166+ countries

Monster: 34 products, 73 countries

Rockstar: 20+ products, 30+ countries
Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull
Red Bull
Paper Wings
Red Bull Flugtag
Red Bull Air Race
Have you ever had a Red Bull before?
1. No
2. Yes

Which brand of energy drink do you prefer?
1. Monster
2. Rockstar
3. Red Bull
Daniel Durjasz
Zuzanna Gładysz
Aleksandra Łukasiewicz
Marek Ruta
Michał Osiński
Marta Wisz

Red Bull Big Wave Africa
“If we don’t create the market, it doesn’t exist.”
Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz

Local distribution in Austria
Lost all the savings
Occurred new competitors
Red Bull's strategy
Access to the capital needed to invest in technology that will bring costs down -
4bn eur annually
Very efficient logistics -
161 countries
A low-cost base (labor, materials, facilities) -
approximately only 9000 employees

Monster's strategy
The Cost Leadership strategy
The Differentiation Strategy
Good research and development,
The ability to deliver high-quality products or services.
Effective sales and marketing, so that the market understands the benefits offered by the differentiated offerings.
The Focus strategy
Specific target group and adjusting offer to them -
males 19-36
Launched in 2002
Huge capital spends on marketing campaigns although limited advertising -
sport events, free samples, sponsorships
Target group -
narrow, from 15teen up to 26
Leader on the market (highest market share).
The biggest strenght of Red Bull is the brand itself (logo) .
The most well known energy drink on the market.
Strong connection with particular lifestyle.
Great marketing campaign and strategy.
Opportunities in geographical expansion and differentiation.
Threats connected with health issues and government limitations.
Follow the current path of cost leadership, differentiation and focus group strategy.
Do not lower the price in order to achieve more consumers.
Invest in research on new ingredients (health concerns).
Geographic expansion
Targeting new customers within the target group (19-36)
More events like „Stratos” Project

Rockstar's strategy
Launched in 2001
Limited spendings on advertising -
sport events, commercials
Narrow target group -
youthful college partying target audience + graduates
Conclusions & Recommendations
1. History
2. Situation on the market
3. Mission, Vision & Objectives
4. Product portfolio
5. Strategy
6. Marketing
7. Plans for future & recommendations
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