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Airline Reservation System

No description

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Airline Reservation System

Airline Reservation System

Functional &non-functional requirements
Data-Flow diagram
Use-Case Diagram

By:Esraa Khatab
Injy Sarhan
Aliaa Mansour
Yara Mahmoud
Noha Mashaly

submitted to:
Dr. Amani
Eng.Dalia Sobhi

We have 2 kinds of requirements:
What system should do (Services provided by the system)

constraints on those services provided.
1-The interface of the system should be user-friendly.

2-The system must be secured , to ensure that nothing happens to the users credit cards.

3-System must be compatible and work on different OSes.

4-The system must support various languages.

5-System must have maximum reliability to ensure that all flight reservations and confirmed.

6-Memory requirement : system should at least hold capacity of 250,000 users.

7-System should be able to handle response of unexpected events. [ex: when entering a wrong flight date ]

8-System should automatically delete user if inactive for 1 year.

1- User Registration: User must be able to register by filling in a form with all the necessary details needed. [ex: email-phone..] all the details must be stored in a database.

2-User Login: User should be able to login with his user name and password, provided that he already registered.

3 -Contact the Company: user should be able to contact the company, requesting them for any information he needs.

4- Booking flights: user should be able to book airline tickets , and also checks the availability of seats on flights. If user finds an available seat then he could purchase the ticket.

5-Checking reservation history : users should be able to view their history with the system , including on-going reservations and old ones as well.

6-Deleting/Modifying reservation : User must be able to modify his flight reservation or even cancel it , penalty maybe required.

7- Add/Delete or Modify Customer Information: This is where an administrator can view user’s registration form , and add/delete or modify anything in the user’s form.

8.-Add/Delete of Modify Flight Information : Also administrators should be able to delete/add or modify flight information , in case a flight is canceled or data is changed.

9-Email confirmations : Administrators should be able to send users a confirmation email of their flight reservation as soon as the user reserves his flight.
The flight Reservation system project is an implementation of a general Airline Ticketing system , which helps the customer to search the availability and prices of various airline tickets , along with different packages available with the reservations.

This project also covers various features like : online registration ,modifying details of the users or the flight and package information.
Feasibility study
operational feasibility
Economic Feasibility
This project can be regarded as economically feasible because the airline system possesses the computer with them ,so there is no costs on the resources needed for the development of the system.

The only cost required is the installation cost.
The only resource required for proper and successful installation is a computer system meeting software and hardware requirements of the system.

These costs are quite minimal and easily available with the organization.

Technical feasibility
Easy to use:
The users were assumed to be normal ordinary people having knowledge of simple computer operation
As log in name and passwords are used at login time so security is maintained.
The software makes it possible to extend an existing class or interface by adding new methods and properties.
As tables are used for storing the data ,so reliability is maintained as exact data is retrieved. Data is regained from each table by using a unique key so the accurate record is accessed.
The project is built with keeping in mind all necessary functions so no essential updates are required.
It can be transferred from one server to another using a CD or secondary memory devices
This project will try to provide maximum possible service to the user.
1.The user must first log in to the site.

2.An already registered user can directly access the site by typing the correct username and password.

3.A new user can click a link for registration , a module will help the new user to register by providing some details like : name , DOB , gender , address ,....etc.

4.After registration ,another module helps the user to to make a request for Air ticket

5.User can reserve seats in a particular flight with a particular number of seats .

6.All available flights form the specified source and destination are then generated .

7.After choosing a flight ,user is asked to enter his credit card details, then the bank checks its legality.

8.The Air ticket module gives the user confirmation for the reservation and sends a PNR number.

9.PNR is used for cancellation.

10.A log out link is used to exit from the site.
Use case Scenarios
Class Diagram
Thank you.........
View Booking instructions
Scenario ID
Basic Scenario B1

Injy Sarhan , Esraa Khatab
30 October 2013
Eng. Dalia Sobhy
User(Customer) ,Flight database,System Database
User must log-in first
1-User is given 3 options: *view booking flights *View deals *View packages
2-User must select one of the options.
3-flight database is accessed to view currently available flights.
4-user views available flights &is given an option to "book the flight" or "reserve without paying".
5-After the user is done ,he is asked if he wants to view special packages or deals.
Start session
View booking flights,view deals, view packages
1-View Booking Instructions
2-User registration
User registration
Scenario ID
Basic scenario B4
Aliaa Mansour,Yara Mahmoud
30 October 2013
Eng.Dalia Sobhy
Customer & System Database
User should open the website to start session
1-User should click on "Register now" button .
2-User should fill in the form with all necessary details .
Registration confirmation sent to costumer email
3-Validate user name
2.Feasability Study
3. Functional and non-functional requirements
4.Data flow diagram
5.Use case diagram
6.Usage scenario
8.Class Diagram
Validate user name
Scenario ID
Basic scenario B1
Noha Mashaly
30 October 2013
Eng. Dalia Sobhy
Bank , Customer
user must first log in to the system first ,and completes a reservation ,enters the credit card details and then then the bank confirms the legality of the
1-When the user enters the credit card number and the pin code.
2-The bank database system confirms that the pin code is right ,if the pin is wrong the user is allowed to enter the pin again.
3-The bank checks that the user's account has money sufficient for the payment and then sends a confirmation message ,otherwise an error message is displayed
A message is sent to announce validation of credit card
Payment & start session
Validate pin
Activity Diagram
Sequence Diagrams
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