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No description

Luisa Spartico

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of ARIZONA ICED TEA

Where it all Started Drive/ Competitors Target Market Arizonas Future Demographic Criteria What Is Arizona Iced Tea? They decided to create a high quality product with packaging that stands out. In less than 15 years Arizona Iced tea has become the #1 ready to drink iced tea brand in the United States. They did this by following there game plan and beating up on some of the worlds heavy weight corporations. Competitors include Snapple made by Kraft Foods and Cadbury Schweppes. t is described as a lightly sweetened all natural iced tea. Use of green and black tea leaves and filtered water. Its $1.25 per bottle. Snapple sells itself says the universal clan of Kraft foods. ARIZONA ICED TEA
Luisa Spartico
January 2013 "You cant sell iced tea in a can" and "You cant put a flower on a bottle for tea" are only a few things that the experts have said. But instead the great minds of Arizona listened to their instincts. They challenge themselves to be trendsetters and come up with new inventions and innovations to make Arizona iced tea better and more successful as a company. How much Tea do people consume?
2009- 50 billion cups of tea
2011- 1.3 trillion cups of tea
estimated 2013- 45 billion, 625 million
cups of tea. It all started with two best friends from Brooklyn who decided to have a beer company, which ended up being extremely successful. But one day while on there many beer deliveries they saw a Snapple truck emptying out cases and cases of iced tea. This sparked a trigger and made them want to have one of the best selling iced tea brands. They came up with an extremely simple business plan. Competitors also include Nestea made by coca-cola, it is described as a all naturally flavored tea. Nestea is $3:00 for a pack of 12 and is well known for its taste and because it is cheap. Arizona Iced Tea is a beverage sold internationally. With various flavors of iced tea, juice cocktails and energy drinks. A product where premium brewed tea is their first ingredient. It is made to drink hot or cold and is brewed from the leaves of an extensive list of plant products. It is also completely natural. The majority of the product is green tea which provides a variety of antioxidants allowing for health benefits. What makes it different and better than competitors? Its not only the product that makes it sells, it is also the packaging and price. Arizona uses unique bottles with very distinctive artwork and colors. Which adds a vibrant picture in your mind. In doing so their main goal was to make packages that stands out in the consumers mind allowing their creativity and imagination to grow. compared to the competition of Arizona Iced tea, at $0.99 per 695ml bottle it is definitely the most interesting and cheapest when it comes to comparing the competitors like Snapple and Nestea. Arizona Iced tea is a very age versatile product, because it is beneficial for everyone. However the main target market would be teenagers and young adults aged 13-21. It is sold everywhere. And is an all natural product full of antioxidants and good for the health conscious mind. This is generally a year round product but is definetly favorited in the summer. How many people drink their tea on ice?
2009- 30% of people
2011- 50%
estimated 2013- 85% How much does a countries citizens pay for beverages each year?
2009- 73.9 billion
2011- 96 billion
estimated 2013- 115 billion Arizona uses brightly colored pictures and displays to show off there product. As well as a facebook page consisting of 3,241,189 likes and 14,615 people talking about it. On the facebook page it shows what people are saying about there product, the foods people drink it with and they have many prizes up for grabs, like duffle bags, headphones, t-shirts and prize packages. they also have competitions for their consumers where they can design a bottle that could be featured on one of their specialty cans. There was also a photo contest where familys sent in there arizona iced tea christmas photos for prizes which is hilarious because it gets people creative and into the holiday spirit knowing you may win something while your at it. Arizona & Advertising Downfall in Arizonas buisness plan: During the new immigration laws in Arizona State the people were very upset and looking for ways to protest. They decided to target Arizona Iced Tea, and called for a boycott. The issue was that the name of the iced tea brand had nothing to do with the State of Arizona. But the marketers suggested that they chose the name because it was a "funky iced tea, not the same as lipton look. Though Arizona wishes they would have named their product Brooklyn so that there wouldn't be such an uproar relating to the original named state. Channel Of Distributions Being part of the Arizona team makes me want to bring Arizona to you, our main target market who seems to be the main consumer of our products. We are also looking into bring our product to the Caribbean because we feel that the best place to drink Arizona is by the ocean enjoying the great weather and hot sun.
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