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Give Me Liberty by L.M. Elliot

No description

camden miller

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Give Me Liberty by L.M. Elliot

Give Me Liberty by L.M. Elliot
The conflict of Give Me Liberty is that the American colonies want to break away from England the mother country. England doesn't want them to be controlled by themselves. Both countries start to fight against each other.
Rising Action
The rising action in the story is the part that leads into the climax or the decision making time. There are many different rising actions in the story, one of them is that Dunmore takes the gunpowder from the colonists. The colonists are very mad and start a petition.
The climax of the story is the decision making time in the story. The climax is Basil joins the army and Nathaniel is so sad that another person has left him. He doesn't want to lose another person in his life so he decides to join the army too.
Mr. Edan
Mistress Maguire
The theme of the story is that you have to stand up for what you believe in. Nathaniel believes that you shouldn't be owned and mistreated even though he didn't do anything about this at the beginning of the story.
The exposition in the story is that Nathaniel is bought by a very mean blacksmith that he doesn't like. The blacksmith was very mean to Nathaniel, so another nice man buys Nathaniel.
Falling Action
The falling action of a story is the consequences that happen after the character makes the decision. The falling action is when Nathaniel goes to the army and sees his father and decides not to go back with him.
The story starts off with Nathaniel being bought by a mean blacksmith. A young man sees that he treats Nathaniel poorly so he buys him. Nathaniel likes Basil very much and they go work for Mr. Edan in a carriage company. England starts attacks against the colonies to try to make them stay with the mother country. The colonies start to make armies to fight against the redcoats to get their freedom.
The setting of the story is in the American colonies.
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