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Freedom of Speech

EC Class

Young Eun Lee

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Freedom of Speech

No-Freedom of Speech Freedom of Speech The importance of
Freedom of Speech Silvio Berlusconi 1. Making public opinion
2. South Korea is a democracy.
3. Criticized function for political power Lee Chun-geun PD
It's not a libel case
The role of the press Freedom of speech - A basic human right
- The political right
- Communicate one's opinions and ideas
- The right is not absolute in any country What is the Freedom of Speech? Present Situation of Speech in Korea The elements of
Preventing Freedom Speech Young Eun Lee
Go Eun Choi
Ye Eun Hwang 1. government power
2. political authority
3. Advertisers Brave Guys PD Note Prime minister of Italy
Control the public broadcasting - Big power of politics and finance
- Hierarchical upper and lower classes
- Journalist don't have passion
- It would transform false fact - most precious possessions
- preserving peace and order Necessary of Freedom of Speech content <Freedom of Speech>
1. The importance of
Freedom Speech
2. An Example in Korea
3. An Example in Abroad. An example of freedom
of speech in Finland. - appointing master
- dominated by political authority and financial power
- three reasons 1. Making public opinion 1. What is freedom of speech
2. Necessary of freedom of speech
3. Present situation of speech in Korea <No-freedom of Speech>
1. The elements of Preventing Freedom of
2. An Example in Korea
3. An Example in Abroad - Contemporary society
- Deliver social issues
- Provide criticism 3. Criticized function for
political power - By critically delivering
goverment's wrong point 2. South Korea is a democracy. Lee Chun-geun PD DISCUSSION Do you think that freedom of speech should be restricted part? Or do you have to admit indefinitely? Defamation of character
Interference Role of the press Criticize
Watch Does it seem to difficult?
or Do you think it is not yours? a reporter have with resposibility to write!!!! We can do free to Speech ! Government power
& political authority Bought the press
Revised the law(RAI)
Street demonstration - Approximately 2,600 periodicals,
- newspaper circulation is about 1,800 copies
- freedom ranking the world's #1 in 2002
- the attitude of journalists is #1 The consience of
Finnish journalists large corruption cases - 'Bwereu Chowchilla' Scandal a reporter must have responsibility for writing!!!! 3 2 1 editing system is
so vertical classes political purpose rather than having passion transform true fact
into false fact Thank You
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